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Losing Weight? There's an Ap for That!

by Christy Taylor

One of the first steps in any diet or fitness plan is to keep a food diary that tracks everything you eat. I've always been quite proud of myself for being able to mentally count my calories. Until...my trainer made me download an ap called myfitnesspal. It's a FREE download for your smartphone that tracks the food you eat AND the activity you do. I'm shocked by how much more aware I am of the extra calories in my diet. And, it's so much easier than writing it all down and doing the math yourself!

When you first get started,
myfitnesspal asks your current weight, goal weight, and how fast you want to reach that goal. It then calculates how many calories you're allowed each day.

Once you get going, entering in meals and snacks takes no time at all! You can scan bar codes on any food item and do a simple search for everything else! My favorite part is when you enter in your activities. It automatically adjusts your calorie allowance based on calories you've burned. It almost turns into a game each day finding the right balance of calories.

A food diary may sound silly, but this is a super easy and effective way to do it! If you're trying to lose weight, what have you got to lose? (besides those pounds!)