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Jump Your Way Fit

by Christy Taylor

Fergie says it’s her secret to keeping her ridiculously toned figure…Katie Perry does it for an hour a day to stay in shape…even pro boxers do it to make weight…what is it? Jump Rope. Yep, one of your playground favorites as a kid could be the one exercise you need to become a healthy and fit adult! 

In just 30 minutes of jump roping you could burn 330 calories! How cool is that? The only equipment needed is the rope itself which certainly won’t break the bank—no training or supervision required…and there’s lots of fun ways to mix up your routine! Fergie throws in pushups, sit ups and squats when she works out. You could use music as a way to mix up the pace and type of jumps you do.

Or, try one of these routines
The Ultimate 10 minute Jump Rope Routine 
Fergie-Style Jump Rope Routine