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How to Stay Fit on Vacation

by Christy Taylor

Why is it that well spend MONTHS working hard to look decent in a bathing suit, only to return from a weeks vacation 10 pounds heavier?

I know, vacations are meant to be indulgent. But all of your hard work doesn't have to go to waste either! I take off for my honeymoon next Sunday, and definitely don't want to backtrack on my fitness! So...I thought we all could use some healthy travel tips!!

Eat before the Airport
You never know when youll end up delayed, and its a good plan to avoid having to hit the fast food court. (plus, it will save you money!)

Drive Past the Drive-Thru
If you're driving, plan where and when you'll be stopping for meals before hitting the road. For gas stops, pay at the pump and go! Don't go inside to be tempted by snacks! Try to use rest areas when potty breaks and to get out and stretch.

Beware of Buffets!
When eating out, obviously take time looking over the menu to make healthy choices, but--it's the buffets that really can get ya! Start by using a smaller plate;it'llencourage smaller portions. Also aim to fill up on as many fruits and veggies as possible. Then, just grab a small bite of the more indulgent dishes.

Make it an Active Vacation
Some of the most rejuvenating trips are ones that include lots of physical activity! Sure, lying around on the beach is nice, but mix in time swimming or playing beach volleyball!

Walk to do your sight seeing! Research biking or hiking tours in the area.
Book hotels that have fitness accommodations and don't be afraid to do your own body weight exercises right there in your hotel room.

Plan Workouts First Thing in the Morning
Even if it's only 15 minutes to break a sweat--you'll feel better all day long. The later in the day you put it off, the greater chance it won't happen at all!

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