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In The Name Of All That's Holy - DON'T

by Mark Evans

Many of you will want to kick me in places no one should be kicked when I tell you this - but when you go to a ball game....DO NOT EAT THE HOT DOGS!

Now, you can insert your favorite Lips and ___holes joke here....but this post isn't anti  Hot Dog.  In fact, there are some Hot Dogs produced today that use only the best cuts of meat and are in truth a rather healthy Protein source.  Really.  (Just don't insert a stick, batter it and chuck it in the deep fryer and you should get out under 135 calories)


The Ballpark Hot Dog is a health menace because of the way they are usually prepared.

Trust me when I tell you, I've been involved in the process (Yes....I cooked for the masses at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin so I'VE BEEN THERE!!!!)

Imagine a giant device that resembles a massive deep-fryer - only it's filled with water.  The water is boiled and the frozen Hot Dogs are emptied in to the water 200 - 300 at a time (remember, a major sporting event seats up to 85,000 people so A LOT of Tube Steaks are prepared.

The problem comes as the process goes along.  Grease, oils and other substances are released in to the water which - for purposes of saving time - is NOT changed during the duration of the day.  Do you want to cook a Hot Dog in the same water that has been used for hours to cook THOUSANDS of Hot Dogs before yours?  Thought Not.

The layer of foam that collects is scraped off the top from time to time but that about it.  Oh, and as we discovered - the foam is indeed flammable after it dries.  YUM - MEE!!!)

This process adds to the fat and calorie content and can increase your input of calories by almost 100 calories PER DOG.  Gross, but true.

Ball Parks today offer much more than the average Hot Dog.  Take advantage of food you can see being prepared on grills, order the popular Pizza's and other fare.  JUST WAIT TIL YOU GET HOME TO CHOKE DOWN THE HOT DOG.