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Logging the first 100 running miles and taking over the leaderboard on Nike+

by Dan Cash

The pace isn't something to brag about but for the first time since I began running I passed the 100 mile marker.  I've been using Nike+ to keep track of my runs and I have to say it's one of the best apps I have ever used.  

If you haven't incorporated Nike+ into your running routine you are missing out.  It keeps track of your time, tells you how far you have run by the mile or kilometer and even showcases a leaderboard of you vs. your friends during the month.

It's the greatest competition that your friends don't even know they are in. Shown below is my current second place showing during the month of July to Steve S.  Steve is a high school classmate of mine who I haven't seen or spoken to in several years.  We're Facebook friends however and because of that became Nike+ friends.  

Seeing his runs in front of mine has done nothing but motivate me to keep attempting to catch his total miles for the month.  Even going so far as to private message him on Facebook with a taunt:

His response was something along the lines of sorry to tell you but I am training for a marathon so game on!  It's interaction like this that makes the Nike+ app such a great concept.  Nike has even gone so far as staging worldwide races starting at the same time and winners being selected by their times on the app on that day.  

Now that's the way to never run alone!

I am also out of town this week so I got to see great views like this in Indiana during my run!

Dan is trying desperately to become an avid runner and over the next several months will continue to share his on the road running experiences in an effort to showcase the fun and the struggle of becoming a long distance runner.  For better or worse...here we go! 

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