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POWERFUL STATEMENT: 4 out of 5 Americans reach for their cell phone within 15 mintues of waking up

by Dan Cash
I'm not ashamed to say that I sleep with my cell phone, my iPad mini and occasionally if I want to watch movies while surfing the internet will also incorporate my iPad 1 into my REM cycle.  I might as well have these items surgically attached to my hip.  It's no secret anymore that mobile phones, tablets, etc are simply the most important and personal thing that we carry with us at all times.

Don't have a business card?  I'll just e-mail you.  Don't have e-mail?  No worries text DAN to 80373 for my business card.  These are the things that I bring into my everyday life in the "Digital Dan" world.  That explains alot about the infographic  put together by Column Give & promoted by Mashable  to highlight some of the findings from cio.com, cnn.com, time.com, idc.com & fcc.gov about the growing influence of smartphones on our everyday life.
2 years ago it was something to overcome in conversations about digital media advertising.  "Well yes it sounds great but how many people really have smartphones?"  72% of the United States population by 2017 according to this graphic.  
The most poignant part of the graphic?  4 out of 5 Americans reach for their cell phone before doing a single thing every morning.  That is the POWER of mobile advertising.  Reach them before they even have a chance to turn on the coffee pot.  There simply isn't a replacement for that type of engagement with a potential customer.