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GASP! Social Media interest dwindles?

by Dan Cash
Stop the presses!  (They still exist somewhere right?) According to a recent study by Piper Jaffray   33 percent of the 5200 teens surveyed chose Facebook  as their most important social network.   Next on the list was Twitter  at 30 percent followed by 17 percent using Instagram  most often.  

The large note pointed out by TechCrunch  is that the use of Facebook and social media is dwindling amongst teens.  A 30 percent drop in fact!  

So is this the end of Facebook as we know it?  Is this the moment that we all look around and start interacting with real people in person?   Probably not.  This is most likely related to exactly where our culture is as a whole right now.  The question isn't what will this company be doing in 10 years, it's will this company even exist.  

That's a sobering point for many local businesses who are being bombared with the notion that you MUST be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, produce local videos for Youtube, maintain a LinkedIn profile & constantly update all of them.  (Not to mention Foursquare, Yelp or any of these on this GIANT list of social media options .)

Our friends at Technorati easily broke down just how vast your options are as well.  

It's of course possible that even a company as large as Facebook could be nothing but a memory in 10 years but in order for you to maintain your local business it's important to take a step back, break down all of the incoming shrapnel hitting you from every possible salesman or woman in your region and simply make this decision: 

"Which of these products makes the most sense for the success of my business."  Once you as a business owner have come to that conclusion you now need to start incorporating those 1 or 2 social options into your current marketing and advertising plan in order to gain the most return for your business. 

Having a Facebook page for your business is important but only having a Facebook page and banking on it bringing new customers to your business is a recipe for disaster.  

Take these steps:

1.) Select your social media tool of choice
2.) Become consistent with it by posting daily with rich content about your industry or community 
3.) Grow your social following
4.) Once you feel you have a strong product that represents your business...incorporate this tool into your overall marketing plan

PLEASE, I implore you to make sure it's a solid product on social media before you simply start saying "Like us on Facebook" in all of your digital & traditional media advertising.  You would never launch a product you knew wasn't ready for prime-time in your store...why would you launch a bad Facebook representation of your business to the masses?