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Kelly Clarkson couldn't hold back tears...

by Charli McKenzie

Season 4 of TLC’s genealogy documentary series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ premiered on Tuesday  and Kelly Clarkson learned that she’s related to a Civil War hero.

During the riveting segment, Kelly discovered that her three times great-grandfather, Isaiah Rose, was a soldier in the Union Army. Rose was held prisoner at the Andersonville POW camp in Georgia, and although he eventually escaped, he got shot on the way home by a Union soldier who mistook him for a Confederate.

Thankfully, Rose survived the attack and went on to become a state senator in Ohio.

The story was amazing and it really got Kelly emotional! 

The episode took Kelly on a journey across Ohio and Georgia to trace her family history — and it wrapped up with a visit to Rose’s gravesite, where she was able to pay tribute to his memory.