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VIDEO: Episode 1 of Skating with the Broncos Released

by Carolyn Binder

Courtesy of WMU Athletics /Mat Kanan

During three days in December, the Western Michigan hockey team worked towards the common goal of capturing its first Great Lakes Invitational title since 1986.  To do so, it would have to brave the conditions of a cold Comerica Park.

The GLI was being played outdoors for the first time in 49 years and it would be the first ever varsity game outdoors for the WMU hockey program.

We sent a two-man video team with the Broncos to Detroit to capture this historic event.  There was not an area that was closed to them.  They had full access to the student-athletes, the coaches, practices, games and celebration.

Out of those hours of footage was born this three-part series.  Each episode details one day for WMU.  In the end, a trophy will be raised but we begin with early morning breakfast, loading of the bus in the dark, the first practice. 

This is Episode 1.  This is Skating with the Broncos: All-Access to the GLI: