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DIY Wedding Invitations!

by Christy Taylor

Very early on, I decided to make my own invitations to save money. I had no plan, no instructions, and relied heavily on google for inspiration.  What I ended up with are amazing invitations I can't wait to mail out! I couldn't decide on colors, or patterns, or even which picture I wanted to use...so I didn't decide. Instead, every guest will end up with a one-of a kind invite that was hand cut, folded, glued, hole-punched,  and designed by yours truly.

Here's what I did:
 First, I found this gorgeous pearly card stock at Hobby Lobby. I really liked that it had 10 different patterns. (it took 2 or 3 pads of paper, but if you use a 40% off coupon each time and you'll save BIG! They will even scan it from your smart phone)

Then, I used a paper cutter to slice each page in half. I used a photo to measure where to make the folds, leaving a good 3 inches for the flap.

I found a hole punch I liked...

And completed each flap with a decorative edge


I bought a couple pads of scrap-booking paper with colors and patterns that fit my Shabby Chic theme. Then I measured and cut squares to glue onto the bottom of the card. (Rubber cement works AMAZING for this!) Then, I chose engagement photos that paired well with each design, and glued it to the top.

Here's a few examples:

Now, I need to lay in the actual invitation info and I'll be DONE!!! It took HOURS to create the 200 I needed. I just made it a point to work on them every time I sat down to watch TV and when we were cooped up inside this winter. TOTALLY worth it. :)