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REVIEW: Bell's Oberon

by Jay Morris

I go way back with Oberon, before it was even called Oberon, (was called Solsun when I first tasted it.) Monday Bells Brewery unleashed this year batch of Oberon unto the world on what they call Oberon day in Kalamazoo.

To me this beer always seems this beer tastes just a bit different from year to year.

I asked one of the workers if they do anything different to this beer from year to year. The answer was a vehement NO! Now she went on to say the recipe has never changed, but every year the batch is bigger, the hops wheat, barley may react differently from year to year, but the recipe is the recipe.

Oberon is Bells flagship mass appeal beer. So this is always a great beer for a summer party, craft beer lovers and non craft beer lovers will drink it.

Bells Oberon (AVB 5.8%) is an american wheat ale, a little spicy, a little fruity. This years batch seems to have a bit more spice on the tongue that I remember from last year. I drink Oberon WITHOUT the orange , others disagree and need the orange. Never been a fan of fruit with my beer, but in this case I really think that the orange adds too much of a citrus note to the beer.

Oberon is really the only wheat beer that I have ever really loved. Tastes great on a hot summer day, or on any day you want to remember what a hot summer day feels like.