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First time Brewer....the jury is still out.

by Craig Holgate

So last week I decide it was time to try and make some home brew. After doing some research on the internet, I decided I would get into this hobby at the most basic level. So I ordered a one gallon kit, and got right to work when it arrived a few days later.  

One gallon Beer Brewing Kit, about $50. 

Now all the information that comes with the kit will tell you this is not a difficult process and really it's not. However, it does take some time since the boil goes on for 45 minutes. For the most part things went just like they do on the included DVD, however when I got done with boil and transferred it into the one gallon carboy I had less than I was expecting. I consulted with a friend of mine who has brewed for years and he said to top it off with water. So now we are in the fermentation stage and I'll be bottling it next week. Then a couple weeks after that it will be the tasting, I'll let you know how it comes out and if my brewing days will continue!