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  • Spin outs

    Posted by Tim Abramowski


    Thanks to Tipster....2 spin outs on Srinkle Rd. One between E.Mich and E.Main and 1 between Michigan and Lake street

  • All Clear on 94

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    KZO Tipster says the EB 94 problem has been cleared. (All Lanes Open)

  • Reported Accident

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Thanks to tipster reporting that EB I-94 west of Portage Rd. watch for cars on shoulder and debrie in the roadway

    Thanks to tipster (as of 7:47am/sitting in the stretch between Westnedge and Portage Rd.)...expressway is CLOSED at this time. Clean Up Continues.

    Portage Police say, a truck lost its load (prehapes a skid) that has cause a number of vechiles to have popped tires and missing oil pans. 

  • Slow Down on West Main

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Thanks to tipsters telling us of a slow down, EB West Main at Solan. Crew working on traffic light upgrades

  • WB 94 near Hartford

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Thanks to tipster...multiple spin-offs on WB 94 around Hartford. says be aware of 'black ice' out there.

  • EB 94 Slow Down

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    thanks to tipsters...traffic has stopped (as of 9am) at Sprinkle Rd.

  • US 131 Road Conditions

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Tipster reports a couple of Slide off on both NB & SB 131 just south of West Main/M-43 (Exit 38). very icy

    tipster call from SB 131 just north of West Main. very icy. Car in the median.

    Multiple spin off both side of 131 at Stadium Drive

  • WB 94 Road Conditions

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Tipster reports slippery condition on WB 94 from 131 to Mattawan. Very icy around 9th Street. And reported a spin off near Mattawan.  Traffic moving slowly, averaging 30-35 mph

  • additional spin out

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    Thanks to tipster....spin out blocking passing lane (as of 730am) on EB 94 near the business loop. be prepared to stop as traffic merges right.

  • Spin Off

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    2 car spin out's on EB 94, just east of Sprinkle Rd. Traffic moving slowly.

  • No Accidents Reported

    Posted by Tim Abramowski

    No Accidents or Delay.  Be aware of snow covered and slippery conditions.