The Trifecta

  • Welcome to the real class war

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Nick Gillespie wrote in Reason magazine that the real class war is that of the Baby Boomers vs younger Americans. 

    According to the article You're not getting screwed by billionaires and plutocrats. You're getting screwed by Mom and Dad.

    Systematically and in all sorts of ways. Old people are doing everything possible to rob you of your money, your future, your dignity, and your freedom.

    Thought this was funny- You're getting hosed by the very same group that 45 years ago was bitching and moaning about "the generation gap" and how their parents just didn't understand what really mattered in life.

    C. Eugene Steuerle and Stephanie Rennane put out a study for the Urban Institute last summer. They document that folks making average wages who retired in 2010 will get a raw deal over the coming decades. The deal will only get worse if you retire in, say, 2030.

    He goes on to talk about the debt spending, and the pass on costs to our children, and their children.

    Been saying these things for years, but when the Baby Boomers run the country, how do you make change? It is time for the boomers to move on and let us in the next generation fix their mistakes. 


  • Video: Wolf Blitzer blasts President Obama

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Mitt Romney went to the NAACP convention to speak yesterday. Here is what the CNN host Wolf Blitzer says about the President 

    I give Mitt Romney credit for even going to this event. Heard he got a standing ovation when he was done.

    I disagree with Mr. Blitzer's rant. Mr. President, please take all democratic voters for granted like this, it is a marvelous strategy for your campaign. Please send Joe Biden to all events from now on.   


  • Canada bans foreign strippers

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Interesting article in the Huffington Post today, 

    In an effort aimed at cracking down on human trafficking, the Canadian government announced it will kick out hundreds of foreign strippers when their immigration permits expire, according to the Globe and Mail.

    Not to be out-dueled, Canada’s strip-club industry says it will recruit international students to replace the exotic dancers who will leave under the new ban, the paper reports.

    Couple quotes from the article

    "The government cannot in good conscience continue to admit temporary foreign workers to work in businesses in sectors where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a risk of sexual exploitation,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said. 

    What, they are strippers, don't they know what they are getting themselves into? If they want to be exploited, why not let them? 

    Executive director Tim Lambrinos said, according to The Star. “Strip clubs are a very safe environment.”

    When I think of safe environments, strip clubs are not at the top of my mind.


  • Quote of the day:"I didn't do it to be evil”

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Strange story today Police in Jackson are investigating why a 72-year-old woman, Linda Chase, kept the body of a friend in her house for more than a year and a half after he died, reportedly cleaning him and watching TV with him. Police found the mummified body of Charles Zigler, 67, on Friday, covered with blankets in a living room recliner according to MSNBC 

    Stuff Linda Chase said:

    "He just went to sleep" 

    “That’s morbid what I did. It really is. It’s horrible,”

    He is “my best friend”

    “I knew I should have called the ambulance. I know that. I know that in my heart. I didn’t do it to be evil,”

    Stuff Zigler's son said: 

    “That wasn’t right to leave him lay like that,”

    when asked why he didn't visit his father, he said she “wouldn’t let me see him,”


    This story is just nuts on so many levels!


  • VIDEO:Kate Upton was NOT drinking beer, really she wasn't

    Posted by Jay Morris


    In a TMZ online article today Kate Upton the 20-year-old supermodel says she was NOT boozing illegally, at a Tigers game on July 6th, this despite a suspicious video clip.


    Kate was in Tigers ace Justin Verlander's luxury suite -- when TV cameras spotted her toasting friends with a sudsy beverage. Kate's rep told TMZ underaged Kate was not drinking beer, and was only there to take in the game with a friend. The rep would not say what Kate was drinking.

    A rep for the Tigers assured us "all patrons who appear to be under 30 years old are ID'd." 

  • Latest game from the maker of Angry Birds released

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Finnish game maker Rovio on Thursday released Amazing Alex, according to It is a a physics game with 35 different interactive objects that game players can cause to bang into one another to create a single device to move among more than 100 levels. Fans can also create and upload their own level.

    The new addiction is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android, and is coming soon to PCs, Macs and Windows Phones.


  • Yahoo server hacked 453,000 accounts vulnerable

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to The Verve  Hackers appear to have breached a Yahoo Voice server and posted around 453,000 user accounts and passwords online.

    D33Ds Company, a hacking group, made a file available on Wednesday with the credentials visible in plaintext. 

    Ars Technica managed to obtain a statement from the hackers, explaining their motive. "We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat," reads a note attached to the file. The group also explain that other holes have led to disclosures in the past and that Yahoo should "not take them lightly."

    If you're a Yahoo user, even if you don't use the Voice service, then now is a good time to change your password.