The Trifecta

  • Somebody Call Guinness Worlds Record People

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to the Detroit News The "World's Largest Stove," a 15-ton oak stove at the Michigan State Fairgrounds is no more. It was struck by lightning Saturday and caught fire.

     The replicated Garland model kitchen range was built in 1893 by the Michigan Stove Co. for the World's Fair in Chicago. Painted to look like metal, the 20-foot-high stove stood on a platform at the exposition over an exhibit of regular stoves.

     Kind of sad, but I am actually surprised that the stove lasted this long.


  • Fred Upton on The Trifecta on Monday

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Congressman Fred Upton will be in the WKZO studio on Monday starting at 4pm on The Trifecta. 

    Leave any questions you would like us to ask in the comments sections below. 

  • Jay's on vacation! Here's the guest host list for "The Trifecta" for August 8th through the 12th!

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Monday - Peyton Wood

    Tuesday - Gene Clem, President of the SW Michigan Tea Party Patriots, and spokesman for the Michigan Tea Party Alliance

    Wednesday - Ron Wiser, owner of the Wiser Financial Group, and weekend host of "Certified Financial Planner" program, 9:45 am Saturdays, on 590/96.5 WKZO

    Thursday - Mike from Plainwell, a frequent caller and contributor to the "Trifecta" show

    Friday - Ed Sackley, district director for 6th District US Rep. Fred Upton, and Mayor Pro Tem, Portage City Council.

  • Nancy Grace's Dream Come True

    Posted by Jay Morris

    A judge in Florida has agreed to release the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial, but the media (and Nancy Grace) will have to wait for three months.

    Judge Belvin Perry said he did not find any exemptions to Florida's public records that would allow him to keep the jurors names private. He did say a three month cooling period would help to ensure the safety of the jurors.

     With several jurors already getting death threats, is this really a good idea? I would think that for the sake of privacy he would have the ability to keep these jurors identity a secret for those jurors who wish to remain anonymous.

    So I guess expect a media blitz, from those jurors that want their fifteen minutes of fame. Equally expect some of the jurors to get annoyed with any media attention. 

  • Ain't gonna be another rematch

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Former U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer sent an email to supporters yesterday saying he won't run for Congress next year. The Decision would mean there would not be another ugly rematch against current U.S. Rep Tim Walberg.

     Schauer and Walberg competed against each other for this seat in 2008 and again last year. Both elections turned ugly, with boatloads of money being invested from both sides.

     It will be interesting to see who the Democrats picks to take on Rep. Walberg, and how much money will be spent next year.

    Schauer currently serves as national co-chair of the BlueGreen Alliance Jobs 21! Campaign.

  • WMU Picked Third in Mac West

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So WMU is picked to finish third behind Toledo and Northern Illinois this year in the Mac. OK for some in the Bronco Nation they say, "we aren't getting the respect we deserve" Maybe, but on the high end when, and yes I said WHEN the Bronco's win the Mac West Coach Cubit can smile and say "I told you so". 

    Here is why I say WHEN they win. This Western Michigan Bronco team returns a ton of starters on both offense and defense. This year they have a though early season schedule, with Michigan (wouldn't it be nice to win... but) Central Michigan (my gosh it is about time we win) Illinois and Connecticut (statement games). By the time the Bronco's travel to Toledo and Northern Illinois they would have played in several big games on TV on the road. Coach Cubit has always seems to get better results from his teams when not picked to win the Mac West.

    For a good amount of Bronco Nation the success of the season would not be decided in the end with a with a Mac West Title but in the beginning with a  win against Central at Waldo Stadium on September 17th.



  • still no deal, but no worries

    Posted by Jay Morris

    As of 2 pm on Sunday we are still without a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Both sides have done a fine job of blaming each other, and grandstanding in the latest editon of political theater. 

    I still believe that in the end some  last minute  "Oh my gosh in the 11th hour, what an amazing deal" will be struck. Why so much hope? Easy answer, because at the end of the day, both sides love this spotlight and power that goes with it. Most importantly when we go to the theater we like closure, a prefer a happy ending. 

  • President Obama believes what he says

    Posted by Jay Morris

    President Obama says the the debt crisis self created. I actually think he believes that.

    Why else would he leave this issue out of the State of the Union speech this year? Why else did he put a budget in front of congress that raised spending several trillion dollars? Why else would the President push for a clean debt ceiling bill?

    I just wonder if he thought the same thing when he voted not to raise the debt ceiling when he was a Senator?

    Click here for the full CNN article

  • See Michael Jackson's Jacket

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So who would pay to see the Jacket Michael Jackson wore in the Thriller video? Um not me.

    The owner of the jacket is planning to get BIG corporate sponsors, and take jacket on a world tour to raise money for charities that help sick children.

    Here is the full article 

  • The Gang of Six's Debt Reduction Plan

    Posted by Jay Morris

    SO we have a new plan to discuss. It is from the "Gang of Six" senators. The plan would span the next decade. 74% of the debt reduction coming from spending cuts, and 26 % from new taxes according to the Wall Street Journal. 


    Click here for the executive summary of the plan

  • Dallas coming back on TV, Really?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Dallas is coming back to TV. TNT will debut the reboot of the show will debut next summer. According to Patrick Duffy he called the show "the gift that keeps on giving" Tuesday on 'The Talk'. The series which was originally canceled in 1991, will star Duffy, Larry Hagman, and Linda Gray.

    Duffy described stepping back into the role of Bobby Ewing as "a real time warp situation," feeling as if no time had passed since the last time he was on the 'Dallas' set. "I haven't been Bobby for twenty years and Larry and Linda and I stepped back into the wardrobe, back on the set at the ranch, and it was as if we had been on our three-month hiatus and we were back at work," he said.

  • Pete Hoekstra is running

    Posted by Jay Morris
    by Jay Morris
    Former Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra has announced he is filing the appropriate paperwork to establish a campaign for the United States Senate. According to the press release

    "Over the last couple of years the spending in Washington has spun out of control. Michigan needs a U.S. Senator who will cut spending without raising taxes and help create jobs. Replacing Debbie Stabenow means we'll be one step closer to the economic recovery our state's working families deserve."

    "After a good deal of reflection, I've decided that I cannot sit on the sidelines while the President and U.S. Senate mortgage our children and grandchildren's future. For these reasons, I have made the decision to file the appropriate paperwork to build an organization and begin a campaign for the U.S. Senate. An official campaign announcement will be forthcoming in the months ahead."

    Well this will be nothing if not entertaining.