The Trifecta

  • Ron Paul Big Dog Ad

    Posted by Jay Morris

    by Jay Morris 

    What do you think of this ad from Ron Paul... 

    A bit edgy, but I have to admit I really like it. The question becomes will it move the needle for him in New Hampshire? 

  • Duh!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    If I'm the Big Ten, I make Michigan State-Wisconsin a protected rivalry.

  • Honey, you're not gonna believe this...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Herman Cain says he didn't have an affair with Ginger White, just provided her with financial assistance from time to time.  I'm sure my wife would understand if I was giving financial assistance to some woman I am DEFINITELY not sleeping with.  Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all - do you think he'd give me some "financial assistance?"  Is that what the kids are calling it these days, "financial assistance?"

  • Does this ad campaign go too far?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here is an ad campaign on bus shelters in Milwaukee.

    It points out the dangers of parents and baby sleeping together. Does it go too far?

    We will talk about it Wednesday on the Trifecta. 


  • Welcome to Cyber Monday

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to the National Retail Federation over 123 million people will shop from computers today, hence the term Cyber Monday. The average shopper will spend a couple of hours today looking for a deal.

    So the question is: are you shopping, working, or both today?

    I would expect the answer from most to be YES. With 78 percent of online retailers will be offering specials today, who can blame you.

    Click here for the best list I found 

    It will save you from having to go from site to site to find the best deals. Happy Cyber Monday! 

  • Debt Super Committee “Epic Fail”

    Posted by Jay Morris

    By Jay Morris

    I am at heart an optimistic person, so when I heard the plan for the debt super committee I really was upbeat about the outcome. I was optimistic about both side having the ability to work together to hammer out a deal. I thought they would come to a conclusion that was palatable, but not optimum for both sides.

    My optimism was dashed yesterday, but I saw it coming for weeks. It had been three weeks since the last meeting of this super committee. Within that time I saw several of the major players on the Sunday talk shows, playing the blame game better than my thirteen and fourteen year old daughters do.

    So instead of some form of compromise we get an Epic Fail! According to a press release from Congressmen Fred Upton: “I spent the last three months as one of 12 members who faced steep odds to find agreement, but who shared an understanding that our fiscal challenges cannot be ignored. I am bitterly disappointed that we were not able to find enough common ground to deliver the deficit reduction choices that Congress needs to make, but I am not deterred in my commitment to keep at it.” Fred was so disappointed that he was in the district Sunday for a fundraiser. More than likely he knew this committee was not going to have anything consensus, so why not raise some money.

    The press release goes on to talk about “the folks in Michigan who have faced nearly three years of double-digit unemployment rates, but who persevere in seeking an economic comeback” It also talks about all of the constituents who called, wrote, and spoke to Fred “Sharing their hope for our success and their continued belief that leaders can come together for the country.

    Unfortunately this moment of great opportunity has passed, many leaders did not lead, political parties were unable come together when they most needed to. I hold each party equally responsible for this epic fail.

    Now we are left with the massive version of political spin, and the he said, she said blame game when we as the “the folks” just wanted a solution. 

  • I Love Red Lights

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So I was multitasking on the way to work yesterday. I downloaded a document right before I left the house, was planning to read it before I got to work.

    Look I know how dangerous it is to read stuff off the phone and drive, so I choose not to. So I was planning to read this document when the car was at a red light. Yesterday for the first time EVER every light I got to turned green. I was never able to stop to read the document.

    There was a time where a red light drove me crazy, now I am hoping I get them on the way to work. Strange how technology has changed my perspective.  


  • Rick Perry Oops

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So how damaging was this oops from last night? 

    For me enough to say, maybe it is time to get out the race. Why, you ask?

    The answer is simple. I don't believe that Gov. Perry "slipped up", or "had  a senior moment" I believe that he really didn't believe what he was saying. If you are passionate about closing down areas of government, you will remember which three you want to close down. 

    I do not think that he is really passionate about closing down those three areas of government, he just knew that is what that audience wanted to hear. 

    At this point we don't need a president that says what we want to hear, we need one that is willing to do the right thing. 


  • Cheering at the Conrad Murray verdict

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I am fascinated by our culture and its fascination with celebrity. Yesterday was a great example.

    So as the verdict is rendered by the jury in the case against Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson fans outside the courthouse start cheering.

    I am not sure why to cheer? Does a guilty verdict change the fact the Mr. Jackson is still dead? Does the verdict change the fact that Mr. Jackson sounds like he was really into several different types of drugs? Mr. Murray will only spend short time in jail, and will be back on the streets sooner, rather than later.

    Does any of these results give anyone, especially fans anything to cheer about? 


  • Sorry if you trick or treated at my house

    Posted by Jay Morris

    It was great to see the throngs of kids last night trick or treating, I must admit I feel a bit guilty this morning though.

    See I was the candy giver last night, we had a bunch of fruit snacks, and what I like to call the “good candy” (Heath bars, Almond Joy, ect...) By the end of the night, I gave out all of the fruit snacks, but had a bunch of the the “good candy” left. I didn't do it on purpose, at least not consciously. 

    Funny I didn't realize what I had done until this morning, while I was eating a heath bar. Yes it was delicious, and yes I know it is bad for breakfast, and the taste outweighed the guilt. 

    Sorry if you stopped at my house, but enjoy the fruit snack.