The Trifecta

  • What to have for Christmas Eve Dinner?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    B.K. (before kids) my wife and I started a tradition of making really fantastic meals on Christmas Eve, and we have continued that tradition A.K. (after Kids). This year the kids want fondue, I want prime rib, and my wife is so far non-committal. 

    I found what looks like a great Prime Rib recipe. Click Here and a video

    Also found some Fondue recipes. Click Here , along with a video 

     Which one would you choose? 


  • Facebook Timeline: What you need to know

    Posted by Jay Morris


    Facebook is changing again, and for once I think they did the right thing. I really like the new Facebook Timeline. If you have not converted yet, here are a couple of things you need to know according to the USA TODAY. 

    There's a seven-day review period

    Your cover photo is your chance to make a splash

    No new information is being shared

    Your privacy settings on old posts will remain

    Posts can be expanded

    The Activity Log is the best place to edit a Timeline

    For your eyes only

    Users can add other life events

    There's no sense in holding out, Facebook Timeline goes live soon

    For the full article click here

  • Mega Millions Jackpot 173 million

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So the Mega Millions is now up to 173 million this Friday. So the jackpot has rolled over 14 times since November 4th. 

    I have to admit I rarely play the lottery. It is not that I am opposed for any reason, I usually just don't have time to stop to buy a ticket. With this much money on the line, I am going to have to stop and get a ticket. It would be a hell of an early Christmas present. So do you play the Mega Millions? 


  • The Hobbit Trailer

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Ok So I am a major GEEK, but I cannot wait to see this movie. 


  • What we searched for today

    Posted by Jay Morris
    by Jay Morris A friend of mine was showing me the most searched items on the web today. 1. jon bon jovi dead 2. snooki 3. plane crash 4. greenhill 5. david archuleta 6. vanessa bryant 7. dark knight rises trailer 8. yu darvish 9. clippers 10. kardashian christmas card You know what scares me on this list, all of the crap that really doesn't matter. Here we are at a point in time with a free flow of info, and the top search is Bon Jovi dead.... Really?
  • Sex is 10.4 million better than Social

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Last year sold for $13 million, but this year's top honors for a domain name was only $2.6 million. That name was

    Business Insider lists has some of the other names that sold for big money. this thrilling name sold for a cool $1 million the German word for "stocks," this site went for $725,000 the current home of the Virtual Universe Corporate, a Canadian tech company, sold for $700,000 no big surprise as to what you'll find here, a domain name that tied for 4th, thanks to its $700,000 price

    Couple of questions about domain names

    Is having the word sex worth that much more in a domain name?

    Who in there right mind would spend a million dollars for domain 

  • Trifecta on location Friday to help Stuff the Bus

    Posted by Jay Morris

    On Friday December 16th from 3pm-5pm, I will be at the Toy's R Us store on Westnedge in Portage to help the Marines “Stuff the Bus” for Toys for Tots.

    Come on out, and donate new and unwrapped toys. They will continue to “Stuff the Bus” until tomorrow afternoon.

    All of the toys donations will be delivered to underprivileged children on Christmas day.

    Thanks to all who helped this weekend! 








  • Suh says What?

    Posted by Jay Morris
    Ndamukong Suh finally has spoken to the media. He wanted to talk about this weeks game, the reporters wanted to talk about.... his suspension, and car wreck. According to Yahoo Sports Suh said “I don't make judgments," Suh said, per the report. “It's not going to make me cry at night. It's not going to make me cry to sleep. It is what it is. You're going to write what you want to write. I'm going to move on with my life and I'm going to continue to play football, have fun with it, live with my family and friends.” Suh went on to talk about the Lions “The most important thing right now is this football team, not me individually, and it's me being a part of this football team and us going down to Oakland and taking care of business,” I am thinking that Mr. Suh will attempt to keep a very low profile for the remainder of the season, though after this incident that might be difficult.
  • Are you phone addicted?

    Posted by Jay Morris
    By Jay Morris I was reading a CNN article tonight about the NTSB's proposed ban on phone use while driving. I was thinking while I reading, what kind of punishment would it have to be for us to stop using these phones? Short of jail time I wonder if anything will be effective, because like a crack addict we are hooked.
  • A REAL Defense of Marriage Act!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    I want to stand up and applaud the brave politicians standing up for our values in defense of traditional marriage. I know the liberal media are trying to take you down, but I want you to know I stand in solidarity with you, ready to defend the traditional marriage that made America great.

    To that end, I know you'll agree when I say it's time to make a REAL difference in protecting marriage and do all we can to criminalize divorce in America! Only then can we

    Uh, hey guys - where did everybody go?

  • Google launching Suri Clone?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to the tech site Android and Me, Google may soon launch a new, voice assistant for Android devices that can respond to natural language commands. It could launch as early as January or February.

    If true, it would be an upgrade to Android's current Voice Actions app, which for me does not work very well, and I rarely use. Voice Actions relies on pre-set voice commands in contrast to Siri, which lets you converse more naturally.

    Details are still sparse at this point. Google is not commenting publicly yet.