The Trifecta

  • Anyone else want to sue Newt? Fill in the Blank

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to Reuters, republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich faces a lawsuit over his use of "Eye of the Tiger," the theme song to the movie "Rocky III," court documents show.

    Here he is using this as intro music 

    The claim for copyright infringement, lodged on Monday by Rude Music Inc in an Illinois federal court, relates to Gingrich's use of the song at his political rallies.

    Rude Music Inc is owned by Frank Sullivan, who co-wrote the Grammy-award winning song. The complaint states that the violation it alleges is intentional since Gingrich is "sophisticated and knowledgeable" concerning copyright laws. Rude Music Inc has requested the court to order an end to unauthorized use of the song by the defendants, and to award Rude Music Inc damages.

    A Gingrich campaign spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment.

    If Newt was reached for comment he would say _______ (fill in the blank) 

  • 2:25 of your life you can never have back!

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I was excited when I saw the You Tube preview of the "Ferris Bueller" commercial, thinking it was leading to something BIG. What is leads to is a craptastic  Honda commercial that will air on Sunday. 

    I hated it, but here is it, what do you think? 

    2:25 that I will never get back. 

  • Bueller....Bueller...NO

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So apparently nothing is sacred...Honda has decided that it needs to utilize a cultural icon to sell vehicles.  And what better to slake over the proverbial coals than Ferris Bueller!  Matthew Broderick, our favorite slacker, opens the window and states that "how can I handle work on a day like today"...nice to know some things never change...but can't these wizards come up with new ideas?  I guess they trained at the same school that most of the Hollywood wiz kids came from...let's take an old idea/movie and re-make it.  We want originality and freshness...not already-used concepts...and particularly not from revered characters of days gone by.  Let Ferris have his day off of work...just don't use him to hawk your Hondas.

  • Debate Highlight of the night

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Rick Santorum had a great night last night in the Florida debate. This interaction between he, and Mitt Romney was the highlight of the night. 

    Grades for this debate

    Rick Santorum A 

    Mitt Romney A-

    Ron Paul B+

    Newt Gingrich C 

  • One less Sweathog in the world

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Robert Hegyes, best known for his role as Juan Epstein on “Welcome Back Kotter,” has passed away at the age of 60. According to Reuters, Hegyes was in cardiac arrest when paramedics took the sitcom star to the hospital. The actor would later die at John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey.

    On “Welcome Back Kotter,” Hegyes played “Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein,” a Jewish Puerto Rican student in a remedial class of kids known colloquially as the “Sweathogs.” His catchphrase was “Hey, Mr. Kotter, I got a note!” and he would often mouth the words of the note as his teacher read it aloud, suggesting that Epstein had actually penned the excuse himself. 

    Loved this show growing up, maybe because I at times felt like one of the Sweathogs. Was an underdog, but had a great group of friends and we really laughed a lot. 

    If you've  never seen the show, here is classic scene: 


    Posted by Jay Morris

    Is Matthew Broderick going to bring back Ferris Bueller on SuperBowl Sunday? Certainly looks like it in this video. 

  • Pat Sajak was drunk while doing Wheel?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was interview recently, and was asked if he ever did the show while drunk.

    He said back in the day he and Vanna White had a drink... or six while working on the show. I guess that explains how he seemed a bit goofy on a couple of shows. 

    Here is the interview:

  • East Coast Bowl

    Posted by Jay Morris

    After a full season of football, with fantastic finishes, and amazing playoff games we end up with a rematch of a Superbowl from just a couple years ago. New England vs New York. The East Coast Bowl 2. This time it is personal (at least for a few Patriots that still have a grudge) Like the rest of the country hasn't seen the rivalry between the cities of Boston and New York enough already.

    I guess it would ne nice to see Tom Brady win another ring. As a Green Bay Packer fan I would like nothing more than to see the Giants get beat.

    Will I watch, yes, but is anyone that doesn't reside on the east coast really excited to see this game, again?

  • Steven Tyler should quit singing forever

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Got in a debate with couple of Facebook friends after Steven Tyler sang the National Anthem yesterday.

    He screwed up the words, but that has become common lately.

    My thought is even if he got the words right, It still sucked, especially the high note toward the end. IF you missed here it is.... 

    My friends say it wasn't that bad, and that is how he sings. I say if that is how is sings now, maybe he should retire. 

  • Who won last nights debate

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Newt Gingrich's answer to the first question in last nights debate may not change the overall outcome for Republicans, it did win him the night in my book.

    Santorum finished second on his exchange with Newt.

    How is Mitt Romey not able to answer the question about his Dad releasing 12 years of taxes. That fumble put him a distant 3rd.

    Ron Paul was not asked enough questions, what he said I agreed with, but when you aren't involved in a majority of the questions makes Paul's performance difficult to judge.