The Trifecta

  • Be careful when taking pictures on your phone

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So another celebrity's phone was hacked over the weekend, fueling rumors of naked photos.  I guess I always think 2 things when I hear stories like these. 

    First NOTHING you take, look at, or possess on your phone is private. Someone can always get to anything on your phone.

    Second don't take nude photo's of yourself EVER!

    For the full TMZ story, about the phone hacking of Christina Hendricks  click here 

  • Jack White on SNL

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I love Jack White, in case you missed SNL this weekend here are his performances 

    Here is Jack White doing Sixteen Saltines 


    Here is Love Interuption 

  • New Casinos planned in Michigan

    Posted by Jay Morris

    The Detroit Free Press had an article yesterday talking about new casinos that are being planned in Michigan. So far 22 casinos are in the works for our state. This would double the number of casinos in Michigan. 

    I personally do not have any issue, and if they wanted to put a casino on every street corner, I would be fine with that too. For me it won't make a difference, I don't wager in casinos. Don't plan to in my life either. 

    I have only gone to a casino with friends. I ate, drank, and watched them lose money. Overall last year the Detroit casinos posted a record of 1.4 billion in revenues. 

    So far the Governor, Dave Bing and several of the Indian tribes are against the expansion. Ironic because most of these tribes had to fight other groups to have their casino. 

    If this were up to me build, build, build. 

    To see the whole article click here


  • After all is said and done. We have a tie

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So much political fun this week with the Michigan Primary, and after everything is said and done both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney both recieve 15 delegates. A TIE! After all the robo calls, all the debates, all of the money spent... A tie!  I am just shaking my head. 

    According to fomer Congressman Pete Hoekstra the Mitt Romney campaign "dodged a bullet". Read the whole interview here  

  • Because I like to, that's why...

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So I get this email that kind of takes me to task over my apparently bad habit to use three periods to separate my's not grammatically correct, I was I care...I don't want to seem callous regarding someone's comments...I really do appreciate any and all comments I get thrown my way...but in this case...I just happen to think I am right...I don't know where I picked up the habit of using what's known as an ellipsis...I just know I enjoy using it...and I don't plan on stopping...even though both Jay and Digital Dan have, um, advised me not to use it...oh well...I suppose listening to them might be a good thing...but why start now...

  • What do we really want this fall?

    Posted by Jim McKinney favorite son Mitt has captured the Michigan primary...and now everything can get back to semi-normal around the Great Lakes question Romney out of the woods when it comes to the GOP nomination?  My guess is no...Rick Santorum is a dogged opponent, and he's in for the long haul.  Tampa later this year could turn out to be a rather momentous occasion, rather than the would-be coronation of Mr. Romney.  Is this good?  Of course it is.  A rugged primary campaign is always a lot of fun to watch...and if the Republicans go about this the right will steel their candidate for the main event.  As for me...I'm looking forward to a fall that brings out the best in both candidates...and may the best man win.

  • Shortsightedness 1 Democracy 0

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Once again, a determined group of Kalamazoo County Commissioners has decided that democracy should be denied, due to the fact that they apparently know better.  A second attempt to pass a proposal that would have placed a millage request to fund programs to alleviate the homeless situation in Kalamazoo County has been defeated by said county board.  So...the next step is going back to those cash-strapped municipalities to ask for the money to continue the program as it has been in the past...even though they may not have it.  Proponents had even reduced the amount being requested from .33 to .1...which would result in an average cost per household of about $6.50 per year.  I could go door to door and ask for that much and probably do all right.  Yet, for some reason, those who voted no decided that the good people of Kalamazoo County apparently are not smart enough to make up their own minds.  My opinion is...democracy has taken a step back in this county...and I hope that those who did vote no will have to explain why they determined that they chose to ursurp the people's will.


    Posted by Jay Morris

    Can't be in New Orleans, at least you can watch what is going on. 

  • Gov. are a tool

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    I used to believe that most elected officials held the law in a higher regard, that they would be the ones who, when a question of law appeared, they would demonstrate the knowledge and bearing that indicated they knew better.  Silly me.  Once again, an elected official...this time, the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie...provides the populace an example of how not to act.  Governor Christie decided that the late Whitney Houston was such a force in the world that she deserved the honor of the US flag being flown at half-mast in her memory.  Give me a break.  If the good governor had looked into the guidelines set down in the US Flag Code...section 7M, to be exact...he would have discovered that there are only two legal reasons for a governor to order the flag to half-mast.  Neither one involves a troubled pop star.  What's more, this isn't the first time he's done it.  When Clarence Clemons passed away, Christie ordered flags at half-mast for the Big Man.  Is there anyone on this guy's staff that could have explained to him that it's not only wrong to do it- IT'S ILLEGAL.  Oh...I'm sorry...excuse me for expecting a high-ranking election official to know the law. 

  • Snickers get downsized

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Mars Inc. the company that makes Snickers and Twix have made the decision to stop selling products with over 250 calories by the end of next year.

    According to Reuters 

    The new calorie limit target means fans of the 540-calorie king-size Snickers bar might want to enjoy the big bar while they can. Come 2014, it's going to be gone, part of what Mars says is a broader push for responsible snacking.

    In 2007, the privately held company said it would stop buying advertising time or space if more than a quarter of the audience was likely to be under 12 years old.

    No more King sized Snickers, what the hell, worse yet no more of these great Snicker King sized commercials from overseas. 

    What that part might not be so bad