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  • The sun rises in the East, and sets in the West, everyday

    Posted by Jay Morris


    It just seems like everyday I have to explain to daughter #2 that the sun rises in East and set in the West. Our nightly conversation is always about the same thing: her jobs. This is something I can't understand. It is not like these jobs have ever really changed for the past 5 years. She sweeps the floor and takes out the trash from our kitchen and bathroom. Then every day I check and guaranteed she  forgets to do at lease one of those jobs. She then explains that "she knows", "she is", "she was", or "that is not fair"

    Tonight the kicker, she is sitting in front of the computer screen when I ask "have you swept yet" and she gives me "I am". At that point I complemented her on her talent to sweep while sitting in front of the computer. Then I banned her from the computer for the night. She disgustedly swept while I said "the sun rises in the east"

    5 things to tell your daughter when she refuses to do her jobs.

     1) Look I can sell you to the gypsy family across the street.

     2) Hey you can do your sisters jobs too.

     3) That is OK I'll just put the garbage in your bed

     4) You know what else isn't fair, LIFE! Now get your jobs done.

     5) We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Oh and you won't like the hard way.


  • This is really what you should post on Facebook

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I saw a bunch of my friends post the declaration about Facebook not being able to share, invade their privacy ect.

    If you were honest this is really what you should be posting.

  • It's a chance at a new era

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So Bill Cubit is out as WMU's football coach...kinda expected this since he finished 4-8 this year...the expectations of Bronco fans have been more than the team has been able to meet over the past few years...don't get me wrong, Coach Cubit had some success at Western...and he is one of the hardest working people you will meet...problem is...Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard and the university have set the athletic bar rather high with the selection of Andy Murray as hockey coach...

    Follow me on this...Murray has an NHL and international resume, and when hired, the talk was that WMU would not only challenge in the CCHA...but on a national scale as well...given that choice, the level of excellence in Bronco athletic programs was raised to a place that had not been seen here- the expectations are in place...and a 4-8 season and no bowl wins in eight seasons ain't cutting it...

    So who does Western go and get?  Look at the Ohio program...under Frank Solich...a former head coach at Nebraska, by the way...the Bobcats have those who search high and low for the next top guy at WMU need to look at someone with a background that can bring the program out of the mid-level "as long as we beat Central we're cool" attitude...can recruit against not only the other MAC schools but also get the occasional blue chipper who thinks it would be cool to win here in Kalamazoo...and can elevate the program to where schools like Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, et al, do not want to play Western Michigan

    Do your job well, search committee...and Coach Cubit...thank you for your are a good and honorable man who will find another coaching position...but it's time for Bronco football to step up...


  • A must-see

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    This video says it all...enjoy...and you might want a tissue or two with you!

  • He was loved

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Sigh...another iconic voice in radio has been silenced.  Dexter Andrews, aka Bill Anthony, touched more people's lives than I think he knew.  I met Bill when I was in high school...he worked at WKMI, which owned the Top 40 airwaves back then.  Bill followed the standard radio road, working for several stations in his career...and I was lucky enough to work with him as well, at WQXC in Otsego.  Bill was actually responsible for my first airshift...and not by was board op for a remote Bill was doing, and instead of him coming back to finish his shift, he told me to have a nice weekend and "see ya Monday"...leaving me to work the last hour of his show...I truly believe he did it on purpose...kind of that "trial by fire" the years, we became friends, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to hear many of his stories about radio...

    We lost Bill today...he had been ill for several days...and the immense amout of prayers surrounding him and his wonderful family flowed every day...his daughter said he went peacefully...can't ask for a lot more than that...and while everyone who knew Bill is also mourning his loss...I imagine his memory is having the same effect on them as it has on me...tears at his passing, and smiles from the thoughts of what he meant to all those who knew and loved him...goodbye and Godspeed, Dexter...we are better because you were nice enough to share with us...thanks...

    Jim Lawless


  • NY Times article on Kalamazoo Promise

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Today in a new article in the NY Times talks all about the Kalamazoo Promise  

    After calling Wings Stadium "a dim, beery sports barn in Kalamazoo, Mich., is an appropriate home for the K-Wings minor-league hockey team and the Killamazoo Derby Darlins." a new article goes on to explain the Kalamazoo Promise.

    The article called "Why these kids get a free ride to college", goes on to explain the history of the program, how "The Promise donors saw how a school district in decline and a weakening economy created a vicious circle", and  how "To date, the Kalamazoo Promise has paid out $35 million for postsecondary study for 2,500 students. On average, about $4,200 is spent on each student per semester. Students are responsible for their own room and board."




  • A friend needs some help

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    I've been in radio on and off since 1984...when you do something that long, you run into all sorts of characters and people that leave an impression.  One of those people is Dexter Andrews, better known to radio listeners as "Bill Anthony"...he's been an icon here in the Kalamazoo area for more years than either of us want to he is now fighting for his life at Borgess Medical Center...Bill has touched many lives during his time here...and I'm asking that anyone who ever heard him on the radio...met him in person and discovered what a great guy he is...or knows someone who knows him...send good thoughts and prayers his way...thanks...

  • Secret Speaker at RNC SCOOP

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I was interviewing Norah O'Donnell from CBS This Morning a a few minutes ago, and just before we started she got the confirmation that Clint Eastwood will indeed be the secret speaker at the RNC tonight. 

  • RNC Tampa: Day two

    Posted by Jay Morris

    In what was suppose to be day two of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, it was a condensed day featuring speakers from day one and tow. 

    Several speeches impressed me, (one that you did not see if you were watching MSNBC that network did not air any speeches from anyone with color) was Mia Love from Utah I believe the party needs more people like Mia. 

    Ann Romney did what was expected humanize her husband. She made a lot of comments about women, and moms. I tweeted this while the speech was going. 

    Chris Christie was well Chris Christie. I tweeted during the speech

    Then the rest of the speech was red meat. Overall Winners Ann Romney, Chris Christie. In fact on the elevator on the way up to my hotel room somebody said, why can't those two just be our candidates. After tonight, not a bad idea.

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  • RNC 2012 Day in Tampa

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I interviewed Rep. Mike Rogers today on the Trifecta. We start this by talking about Former President Ford, Here is the WKZO.Com bonus. Audio is not the best, but the story is really good. 

    Rep. Mike Rogers