The Trifecta

  • MSU Confirms Two-Headed Shark

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to Telegraph, Michigan State University has confirmed the discovery of the first ever two-headed bull shark. 

    "This is certainly one of those interesting and rarely detected phenomena," said Michael Wagner, the university's assistant professor of fisheries and wildlife.




  • You Just Can't Please Some Tools, er, People

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So...the Kalamazoo Speedway will get a reprieve, temporarily I'm sure, but some residents in Alamo township still aren't happy.  Two words - SHUT UP.  Do you people realize that if that ordinance goes into effect, your neighbors who do not like you can have you ticketed for mowing your lawn?  Look it up Einsteins...82 decibels is NOTHING...garbage trucks make more noise than that...want to take care of your own?  Want to not use any power tools or things like leaf blowers, chain saws, snowblowers. etc?  Then push for your precious ordinance.'ll probably close the do have a tendency to make noise (ever listen to yours - 70 decibels IF it's running normally)...but any kind of new construction will go bye bye, too...trucks are at 100.  And if ANYTHING registers more than 82 decibels...including a screaming child, which measures out at 90...the offender would be subject to a ticket, given a nearby person's annoyance.  Yep...Alamo Township will be known as the "Quiet Township"...and the last one out can turn out the lights...if it doesn't make too much noise.

  • "Top Hooker" could be a great reallity show...if

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Animal Planet is planning a new reality show named "Top Hooker"...before your mind drifts to something it shouldn't, the show is going to spotlight top fisherpeople catching their finned friends in unusual ways, like with weird equipment, with their mouths, etc...I have a way to make this even more about AP has celebrities on to fish as choice for the first show is Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian...can you imagine the thrill of watching those two D-listers having to smack their pretty faces into the water after a fish?  Too much fun...and can have the idea for free...just consider it...

  • Let it rot

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Just a brief vent about our neighbors to the east...Detroit...I've said this on the air before, and since my blogging activity needs to improve...I'm saying it here, far as I'm concerned, DETROIT CAN GO BANKRUPT AND ROT ON THE VINE...the City Council members who keep yelling and screaming about state interference apparently know how to cure the city's ills...SO LET THEM...and if our largest city goes belly up...tough.  And I don't feel any sympathy for those who live there, either...they were the ones who put JoAnn Watson, Kwame Kenyatta, and the other Councilpeople in office who continue to stonewall Mayor Dave Bing's effort to try and work Detroit out of the fix it is live with your decision, Detroiters...and be careful what you ask for...

  • Hey baseball!

    Posted by Jim McKinney one gets into the Hall of Fame this year, other than the Vets Committee choices...voters apparently wanted to make a point about the alleged steroid users on the ballot...and there were a lot of HOFers that agreed with the choice of the voters...and I used to sort of agree, but now I have some serious reservations about the creditability of baseball in regards to the HOF, anyway...

    First off...the powers-that-be still have a wild hair stuffed somewhere about Pete Rose...yeah yeah yeah...I KNOW he bet on baseball, but he admits it fully, and he did when he was a manager, not a player...that time when he got all those hits, remember MLB?...and since there are casino ads on baseball broadcasts...and signs about casinos in some ballparks...isn't it time that those of you who believe Pete committed the ultimate sin come down off your hypocrisy and start thinking about righting the wrong?, I, and anyone who has seen the before/after photos of Barry Bonds know he HAD to be doing something...are there exercises that increase your head size that much?...but all he did, other than be a total ass to people, is lie to Congress, a crime that apparently isn't all that bad anymore...and as far as Roger Clemens goes, he never tested positive, either, and he was exonerated in a if there is not a shred of proof that these guys did anything wrong...can you really keep 'em out?  Other than Sammy Sosa, who doesn't have the overall numbers or career highlights to make it anyway...and Rafael Palmiero, who lied, then was found to have lied...keep him out, too...

    So MLB's mucky-mucks...get off your collective butts and fix the Pete Rose situation...and Hall of Fame voters...stop thinking you're holier-than-thou...and vote the way you should...not because you have to "save" the integrity of the game...but because those who deserve the Hall should get the Hall...

  • If I have to....

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So...there's a guy named Dan Cash, who is our Internet guru...he IS good...but he keeps pestering me about posting blogs...apparently I don't post'd think I'd get some sort of leeway given that I am 186 years old...ask I will attempt from here on out to post more...although I'm not quite sure that my ramblings, ancient as they are, are what the world is clamoring can blame

  • Now THIS is funny

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    I received this the first time that Speaker Boehner was handed the gavel from Rep. Pelosi...and it's still funny as hell...


  • Park this

    Posted by Jim McKinney I realize that as we get older, certain things are harder to do, or take more time...but when did I lose the ability to pull straight into a parking spot?  Went to Tim Horton's this morning to get coffee and donuts...pulled in an almost empty lot...and thought my car was in straight...oh no...the front end was skewed to the left, and the back was on the right line...I have noticed this before as well when parking in other lots...and I'm trying to figure out when I lost the ability to at least sort of park I the only one having this issue, or is there a rather large underground group of us drivers out there who hope no one else sees how badly we pull into a spot...

  • Timing is everything!

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    So I go to my mailbox on this 2nd of January, 2013...and I find this beautiful color political flyer...


    Barack Obama Mailer           Barack Obama Mailer 2


    Would have been nice to get this BEFORE the vote...ya think?



  • This is why the NHL should be afraid...very afraid

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    Gotta love that minor league hockey!  I'll admit...when I was younger and went to the K-Wings' games...I wanted to see Len Ircandia and Alvin White pound opposing players into the ice...but this fight is great!  Not just because of the fighting...but the commentary by the announcer gets better and better...especially near the end, when you'll hear a phrase not uttered often by a sports commentator.  Enjoy!


  • Mitch Hedberg would be proud

    Posted by Jim McKinney

    I love Mitch of the funniest people ever to walk the's a bit come to life!