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  • Why is fighting for better more efficent medical recordkeeping necessay?

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    Dear Roger,

    The ink is still drying on our new health reform law, and opponents are attacking one of its most important building blocks — health information technology (IT).

    The federal government is about to make taxpayer dollars available to hospitals and doctors to adopt electronic health records to improve patient care. They recently proposed requirements providers would have to meet if they want this free financial help — like giving patients and caregivers access to their own information, and reporting on the quality of care.

    But opponents are running ads in Washington to pressure politicians into taking the "health" out of electronic health records.

    They want the money (to buy new technology) but don’t want to be held accountable for using it to provide you with better care.

    They must not prevail! Help us encourage the Department of Health and Human Services to stand strong in the face of these attacks.

    The Campaign for Better Care is leading the charge to ensure that health IT is implemented effectively and with adequate privacy protections — so that taxpayer dollars are put to good use by building a solid foundation for our health care system, powered by 21st century technology.

    Why is this so important? Done right, health IT will mean more and better information available to patients, better communication among doctors, reduced costs, and ultimately better health outcomes.

    But just digitizing patient records won’t mean better care unless providers use the technology in ways that are meaningful to patients and families.

    Relaxing the requirements for the "meaningful use" of health IT for those who seek federal funding would strike a blow to the opportunity for all Americans to fully realize the promise of health care reform.

    We need your help today. Join us in urging Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to stand strong.

    We need her strong leadership now more than ever. Send her an email and encourage her not to bow to the demands of those hoping to receive public money just to maintain the status quo.

    Your tax dollars — and your health — are at stake, so contact Secretary Sebelius today.


    Debra L. Ness, President


    Opponents are trying to undermine the success of health reform by weakening the requirements for "meaningful use" of health information technology. But patients and families shouldn’t have to wait any longer for better care.

    In a recent survey, 92% of patients age 40 and older said they think it’s important for doctors to use electronic health records to improve care.

    Don’t let opponents get away with it. Urge Sebelius to stand strong in the face of this attack.

    Take Action

    Take action

  • If we don't learn from history we a doomed to repeat it

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    Southern Poverty Law Center

    Monday marks the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing — a terrorist attack by a racist, antigovernment fanatic that left 168 men, women and children dead. An MSNBC special hosted by Rachel Maddow about the tragedy features extensive interviews with my colleague Mark Potok. I hope you'll watch it, because I'm afraid that history may be repeating itself.


    "The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist"
    Monday, April 19
    9 p.m. ET on MSNBC

    We recently released a report showing an astonishing 244 percent increase in antigovernment extremist groups — the kind of groups that spawned the likes of Timothy McVeigh 15 years ago. Already, we're seeing eruptions of right-wing violence. Just last month, for example, nine members of the Hutaree Militia — one of the groups we're tracking — were indicted for plotting to kill hundreds of police officers.

    Shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing, we sent a letter to the U.S. attorney general warning that the growing antigovernment militia movement posed an imminent threat to the public. With your help, we're again alerting the law enforcement community to the danger posed by the rebirth of this same movement.

    Richard Cohen photo

    Richard  Cohen
    J. Richard Cohen
    President, Southern Poverty Law Center

  • First Ever Photograph Confirms Colombian Hummingbird

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    Bob Johns from the American Bird Conservancy joins me on Birdwatch at 8:00am Saturday Morning on 590 93.5 WKZO with details on the Hummingbird sighting.


    First Ever Photograph Confirms Colombian Hummingbird


    Santa Marta Sabrewing. Photo: © Laura Cárdenas

    The first ever photo of a living Santa Marta Sabrewing is the first confirmation of the continued existence of this spectacular hummingbird in over 60 years. Stunningly, the area where the bird was found – the El Dorado Bird Reserve in the Santa Marta Mountains of northern Colombia – had been slated for development in 2006 for vacation homes, but was spared by a last minute land purchase through funding from American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and Conservation International (CI), in cooperation with the Colombian conservation organization Fundación Pro Aves who expertly manages several bird reserves in Columbia.

    The photograph was taken at El Dorado on 24 March by Laura Cardenas at about 6,200 feet elevation. Cardenas was monitoring migratory birds in the 1,600-acre reserve as part of a research project. This particular bird was caught in a mist net, banded, photographed, and released unharmed.

    The Santa Marta Sabrewing, classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as Endangered, is endemic to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and is at high risk of extinction.

    There have been occasional unconfirmed sightings by birders visiting the reserve and its environs since 2000. These sightings were typically single birds feeding in the forest canopy.

    “This confirmation of the Santa Marta Sabrewing further emphasizes the national and global importance of the El Dorado Nature Reserve for endemic birds and wildlife. ABC was excited to have been able to help in the purchase of the land for the reserve in 2006, and this latest development demonstrates that the timing of that purchase perhaps could not have been better,” said George Fenwick, President of ABC.

    El Dorado is also the sole location for the Globally Endangered Santa Marta Parakeet, for which it has earned recognition by the Alliance for Zero Extinction as one of 595 sites around the world whose protection is critical in order to prevent an imminent wave of extinction. Another 17 bird species, 11 threatened birds species and five threatened amphibians can also only be found there. The site is also a vital stopover point for declining neotropical migratory birds that breed in the United States and Canada, such as the Cerulean and Golden-winged Warblers.

    This is not the only time in recent years that an exciting scientific discovery has been made at a bird reserve in Colombia. In 2009, the Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner, a species new to science, was discovered in El Dorado; a new tapoculo subspecies was discovered at the Colibri del Sol Bird Reserve in the same year; and a new antpitta subspecies, the Yariguíes Slate-crowned Antpitta, was discovered at the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve, where a new species of moustached butterfly was also found. Also during March, ProAves discovered a new, brightly colored Mountain-Tanager near the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve.

    The El Dorado Bird Reserve is also the site is the sole breeding ground for the Globally Endangered Santa Marta Parakeet. Another 17 endemic bird species, 11 threatened bird species, and 5 threatened amphibians can also only be found there. The site is a vital stopover point for declining neotropical migratory birds that breed in the United States and Canada, such as the Cerulean and Golden-winged Warblers.


    American Bird Conservancy conserves native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas by safeguarding the rarest species, conserving and restoring habitats, and reducing threats while building capacity of the bird conservation movement. ABC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership organization that is consistently awarded a top, four-star rating by the independent group, Charity Navigator.


  • Bird bones may be hollow, but they are also heavy

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    ScienceDaily (2010-03-23) -- For centuries biologists have known that bird bones are hollow, and even elementary school children know that bird skeletons are lightweight to offset the high energy cost of flying. Nevertheless, many people are surprised to learn that bird skeletons do not actually weigh any less than the skeletons of similarly sized mammals. In other words, the skeleton of a two-ounce songbird weighs just as much as the skeleton of a two-ounce rodent.

  • High speed trains - How soon?

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    Find out when we'll have trains like these in the United States, Friday morning at 10:40. I'm in for Richard Piet and we'll talk with Richard Harnish Executive Director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association on 590KZO.

  • Smart as a starling?

    Posted by Roger Taylor

    At the car wash. A true story

    Bill owns a company that manufactures and installs car wash systems. Bill's company installed a car wash system in
    Frederick , Md. Now, understand that these are complete systems, including the money changer and money taking machines.

    The problem started when the new owner complained to Bill that he was losing significant amounts of money from his coin machines each week.

    He went as far as to accuse Bill's employees of having a key to the boxes and ripping him off. Bill just couldn't believe that his people would do that, so they setup a camera to catch the thief in action. Well, they did catch him on film!

    That's a bird sitting on the change slot of the machine. 

    The bird had to go down into the machine, and back up inside to get to the money! 

    That's three quarters he has in his beak! Another amazing thing is that it was not just one bird -- there were several working together. Once they identified the thieves, they found over$4000 in quarters on the roof of the car wash and more under a nearby tree.

    And you thought you heard of everything by now!! !! 

    And to think the phrase 'bird brain' is associated with being dumb. Not these birds. Share the story!!