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  • Farm Fuel Storage Enforcement

    Posted by Rick Shields

    It seems agriculture continues to be hit on all sides with new regulations, and one area the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency appears to be stepping up enforcement is on-farm fuel storage. 


    Billy Nichols is the CEO of the Environmental Compliance Group, a firm that assists producers in dealing with environmental regulations.  He says a relatively new addition to the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure rule may have caught producers off guard….

    Farm Fuel Storage Enforcement

  • Crop Insurance Complaint

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Crop insurance will be central to the next farm bill…but a National Corn Growers’ official says producer premiums remain too high for corn and soybeans.


    NCGA’s Sam Willett says the floods and droughts of the past year show why crop insurance is the foundation of the farm safety net—the “most important” risk management tool to growers.


    But, Willett argues corn and soybean producers, and the taxpayer, may be paying too much for government supported crop insurance:…

    Crop Insurance Complaint

  • Southwest Damage on Fruit Trees

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Extension Educator Bill Shane takes a look at a conditions which can be brought about by variable temperatures this time of year.

    Southwest Damage on Fruit Trees

  • Exploring Atrazine's Benefits

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Dr. Paul Mitchell of the University of Wisconsin is sharing his research on the economic benefits of atrazine and the other chloro-s-triazine herbicides to corn, sorghum and sugar cane producers this week. His research is part of a broad assessment supported by Syngenta to examine the value of atrazine in today’s agricultural economy…tape

    Exploring Atrizine's Benefits

  • HSUS Image Revamp

    Posted by Rick Shields

     The Humane Society of the United States is working to improve its image within the ag community.

    HSUS Director of Rural Outreach and Development Joe Maxwell says one way they’re doing that is by showing support for family farmers and ranchers. An example - Maxwell says - is the group's recent support of the GIPSA livestock marketing rule...

    HSUS Image Revamp

  • Focus on SDS Control

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Farmers across the Lower Peninsula have several opportunities to learn more about a new and expanding row crop challenge.

    Focus on SDS Control

  • Plants Prepare for Winter

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Some good news -- thus far, it's been a gradual transition for plants into the cold season...

    Plants Prepare for Winter

  • Wind Saves Family Farms

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Perhaps you’ve heard the statistic that America is losing more than an acre of agricultural land to development every minute of every day. It’s a startling realization - and one that groups and organizations are trying to address.

    Rich VanderVeen - President of Mackinaw Power, LLC in Michigan - says the wind industry can actually play a positive role in protecting the nation’s farms - calling it a way to keep family farms in the family for generations…

    Wind Saves Family Farms

  • Fate of Direct Payments

    Posted by Rick Shields

    House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas says direct payments are the most politically difficult part of the 2008 Farm Bill to defend - and yet are the most WTO compliant part of the farm bill. While Lucas says direct payments are definitely in the crosshairs of the tea party, liberals and national media - folks in rural America are speaking up - and there’s a chance direct payments aren’t dead just yet…

    Fate of Direct Payments

  • House Considers Dust Bill

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The U.S. House will consider the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act - H.R. 1633 - this week. House Ag Committee Chair Frank Lucas says the bipartisan legislation ensures farmers and ranchers won’t be subjected to excessive regulation from the EPA…

    House Considers Dust Bill

  • Great Lakes Expo Opens

    Posted by Rick Shields

    We've got this priview from a veteran of many Expos...

    Great Lakes Expo Opens