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  • Farm Bill On Hold

    Posted by Rick Shields

     Hopes were raised - then quickly dashed - for some House action this week - at least related to the farm bill. Now it appears Congress will leave for elections without even extending existing farm law. Republicans were toying with a face-saving three-month extension of the 2008 Farm Bill - set to expire September 30th - but even that is not before the Rules Committee - which must clear major bills with a rule for debate - and a spokesman did not expect a change - short of an unlikely last-minute emergency meeting.

    Farm Bill On Hold

  • New Bill By Friday?

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Farm leaders expect the House to do something on the farm bill late this week - before adjourning for elections. The question is - what?

    Lawmakers return Wednesday and leave Friday - and that’s it until an expected lame duck session. The betting is House GOP leaders will choose an extension of existing farm law over a full farm bill - which would use up all of the remaining time. But long-time Iowa Ag Senator Chuck Grassley complains a short-term extension - especially one until a post-election lame duck - is a bad idea

    New Bill By Friday?

  • Farm Bill This Week?

    Posted by Rick Shields

    ...some house members weigh in on what could happen as the week moves along...

    Farm Bill This Week

  • Weather and Insect Timing

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Weather this year has left growers and insects who feed on their crops readjusting schedules this season.

    Weather and Insect Timing

  • What To Do About Corn Fungus

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Today -- some advice on what to do if you suspect aflotoxin in your crop...

    What To Do About Corn Fungus

  • No Livestock Operation Sprinklers

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The Standards Council of the National Fire Protection Association has resolved an internal dispute and will not require sprinklers and smoke control systems in livestock confinement operations as part of the fire code.

    NFPA's 150 code calls for sprinklers in housing for Category A animals - like zoos - and earlier this year the 150 technical committee rejected a proposal to extend the requirement to all housed animals. That was appealed at NFPA' technical meeting in Las Vegas this past June. The group's membership voted to extend the requirement to livestock - but the technical committee reaffirmed its opposition and the standards council upheld them last month - keeping livestock operations exempt from sprinkler requirements. However - Standards Council Secretary Ann Cronin says the issue is not yet closed…

    No Livestock Operation Sprinklers

  • Tips for Finding Local Apples

    Posted by Rick Shields

    In spite of the weather there are still Michigan apples coming to market.  Bill Shane offers advice on how to go about finding what you're looking for this year.

    Tips for Finding Michigan Apples

  • Disaster Declaration

    Posted by Rick Shields

    This week all Michigan counties made the list...

    Disaster Declaration

  • 1949 Again Not Likely

    Posted by Rick Shields

    A reversion to an outdated ag law should a new one not get written in time isn't probable according to one farm state senator.

    1949 Again Not Likely

  • Agriculture in GOP Platform

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The word from Tampa -- a farm policy plank's a possibility...

    Agriculture in GOP Platform