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  • Monday's Show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Jay Morris Show topics

    *Show Sports Expert Steven Locey talking Football Playoffs at 3:10pm 

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia... or Martha Coakley 

    New Wash. Post poll says 58 % of Americans want smalller Government 

    * In studio S.W. Michigan TEA Party Rep Gene Clem at 4:15pm 

    NBC reportedly settles with Conan 

    Pure Michigan Campaign is running out of money, what to do? 

    KPS Bond Request Poll from the Gazette has some confusing results 


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  • Friday's Jay Morris Show topics

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here is Friday's topics list - A reminder that this list is tentative

    We will be at Mattawan Pet Supplies with the Lori Moore get well card 

    How much are you willing to sacrifice to rebuild Michigan? 

    Kalamazoo getting fed money, Gov. Granholm says it is a great day for Michigan. Is it really? 

    Denise Illitch may have some explaining to do. 

    Get ready for Olympic Overload from NBC


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  • Topics for Thursday show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here are the tentative topics for today Jay Morris show 

    Why is the MEA not supporting race to the top? 

    New website for the "We hate Illinois" club 

    Is the GOP too confident in race for the Governor in Michigan? 

    Has Pat Robertson lost it? (click here to listen to his comments about Haiti)

    What is the latest fee from the Obama administration, and how will it affect you? 


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  • Pat Robertson has gone off the deep end

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Does anyone listen to Pat Robertson anymore? 

    "Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it," Mr Robertson, 80, said yesterday on his Christian Broadcasting Network show, The 700 Club.  

    Haitians were originally "under the heel of the French. You know, Napoleon the third, or whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil," said the former US presidential candidate.

    "They said, `We will serve you if you will get us free from the French'. True story. And so the devil said, `OK, it's a deal'. Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other."

    With comments like this, I cannot believe anyone would.

  • Haiti Earthquake Relief

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here are some local organizations that are raising money for Haiti earthquake relief: 

    Kalamazoo Red Cross  American Red Cross Pledges Initial $1 Million to Haiti Relief. Send a $10 Donation by Texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999

    The Kalamazoo Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations to assist in the effort via www.tsakalamazoo.org, 269-344-6119, and postal mail at: The Salvation Army, Attn: Haiti Relief, 1700 S. Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

    If your organization is raising money please contact me via e-mail me at jay.morris@wkzo.com I will add to this list. 

  • Wednesday's show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    We will be out on location at Don's Card Hut in the Southland Mall
    with the Lori Moore get well card 


    Also on the show on Wednesday 

    Earthquake in Haiti and what you can do to help. 

    A big name may be entering the Michigan's Governors race for the Democrats


    from 3pm to 5pm Wednesday

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  • Off the air Friday/Monday show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    I'll be off the air on Friday, back on Monday. 


    KZO Weather Word of the day with Bob Larson at 3:40pm 

    We will talk with The Jay Morris show sports expert (Freelance writer for Freep and Sporting News) Steven Locey at 4:10pm about the NFL Playoff's 




  • President Obama

    Posted by Jay Morris


    So President Obama decided to make another speech about the underwear bomber today. Can I just ask if you make a speech and say the same things as you did for the past week did you really make a speech? 
    For a man who stated that "words matter" while on the campaign trail

    So President Obama decided to make another speech about the underwear bomber today. Can I just ask if you make a speech and say the same things as you did for the past week did you really make a speech? 


    For a man who stated that "words matter" while on the campaign trail, why does he keep saying the same words in each of the speeches about this incident? 


    If his goal was to make me feel better, he failed. If his goal was to let the rest of us know he was on the case, I expect that from my President. Let me know when you have something new to say, my time matters. 

    One other thought, why no questions after this speech? 

  • New body scans

    Posted by Jay Morris


    image courtesy of Getty


    Can you imagine having the job of seeing scans of this guy all day?

    We have made it our mission to install these new fangled full body scanners in every airport we can as soon as we can. Here is what will happen next, the terrorist will find a way around these scanners. That is what they do, when we react, they adapt. I say screw the scanners, I wan't to be able to leave my shoes on when I go through the airport. I refuse to be afraid! 


  • Gen X into the U.S. Film Registry

    Posted by Jay Morris


    So the Muppets are now in the U.S. Film registry including a scene from the 1979 Muppet Movie. Growing up with Kermit and the gang this is awesome, and just another honor for Muppet creator Jim Henson. Just wish he was still with us. 

    Also this year the Thriller dance will also go into the registry. (insert Michael Jackson Joke here) It is the first music video ever to be inducted. 

    So now both of these are in the registry, and both I have vivid memories of. I can remember seeing The Muppet movie in the theater, and watching Thriller on MTV tons of times. 

    I can't figure out if this means that Gen X has finally made their mark on the fabric of our society, or that we are just getting old. 

  • Pete Hoekstra fundraising letter sent out this week

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here is the text from a letter sent by Rep. Pete Hoekstra 


    Dear Friend:


    We don't have much time, so I will get right to the point.

    In the midst of enjoying Christmas with my family, we were quickly reminded that there is still a war against the American way of life; on Christmas morning, it came right here to Detroit.


    We know the story. A cowardly terrorist was allowed to board a flight bound for our state, and armed with explosives, attempted to murder countless passengers and potential victims on the ground.


    Unnamed heroes aboard the plane likely averted disaster.

    Shockingly, yesterday morning, Barack Obama's Homeland Security Secretary went on TV and said "the system worked"!


    They just don't get it. The system didn't "work" here. Far from it! It is insulting that The Obama administration would make such a claim, but then again, these are the same weak-kneed liberals who have recently tried to bring Guantanamo Bay terrorists right here to Michigan!


    My promise to you, as your governor, my first duty and most solemn responsibility is to keep Michigan safe!

    For almost a decade I have been a leader on National Security and at the forefront of the war on terror.


    I understand the real and continuing threat radical jihadists pose to our great state of Michigan and our great Nation.


    I have pledged that I will do "everything possible" to prevent these terrorists from coming to Michigan.

    But I need your help.


    If you agree that we need a Governor who will stand up the Obama/Pelosi efforts to weaken our security please make a most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 to my campaign.


    When I first ran for Congress after 15 years in the private sector, I believed that while we may have serious policy differences with those on the left, protecting America was neither a Democrat nor Republican issue.

    In fact, in the days following September 11, 2001, I spent hours in meetings with my Democrat colleagues, making sure that we were doing everything we could to prevent another terrorist attack.


    There should be no partisan rancor when it comes to keeping our citizens safe.


    Unfortunately, as the Democrat party drifts further and further to the left, their leaders are making decisions that should frighten us all.


    Since President Obama took office, he and his left-wing cronies have taken steps to undermine the work of our brave men and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

    First came his brazen and naive pledge to close Guantanamo Bay without any idea where to put the Jihadists who will never stop trying to do us harm.


    Next, his Justice Department announced plans to reinvestigate intelligence officers involved in interrogating known terrorists in a program that undoubtedly saved American lives. According to seven former CIA directors, this investigation will have a "devastating impact on CIA morale, America's counter terrorism efforts and our foreign intelligence partnerships."


    As if this wasn't enough, now comes word that they are prosecuting Navy SEALs on the word of wanted terrorist and his lawyer; while at the same time the President is sending Gitmo prisoners home to Yemen. I can only imagine what will happen when they link up with their fellow Al Qaida jihadists to make more plans to attack our great country.


    Not on my watch! Barack Obama's policies may impress the "Blame America First" crowd at home and his thousands of fans overseas, but they sure don't do anything to protect our families in Michigan or the rest of America.

    And while the Obama/Pelosi agenda may be popular in the mainstream media, we should not be governed by the editorial pages of the New York Times.


    I will be a governor who fights, every day, to keep Michigan safe.


    Won't you join me?


    As you know, I have spoken out as loudly as I can against the dangerous policies of the Obama administration.

    And while we face many challenges here in Michigan, I know that as Governor, my most solemn obligation will be to work every day to make sure that Michigan families are safe. And I will stop at nothing to make sure that I fulfill this obligation, no matter what the administration in Washington tries to do.


    Together, let's stand up for America, and stand up for Michigan. Please, help me fight by making a most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250, so that we can fight together to protect our families, our state, and our freedom!


    Yours Truly,

    Pete Hoekstra



    P.S. I am running for Governor to bring conservative leadership to Lansing. I will fight every day to lower taxes, create jobs and stand up for our shared values. Please make a secure, online donation to my campaign of $25, $50, $100 or even $250. Thank you.