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  • Michigan State of the State Address

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Jay Morris

    Michigan State of the State address is tonight at 7pm. According to MIRS the focus of the speech will be jobs and Michigan's economy. The Governor will also be "laying out an economic plan, designed to diversify the economy, create jobs and educate the workforce." The Governor will also continue to make the case for what she calls the four pillars to the new economy in Michigan. 

    I guess what else should she talk about, the loss of thousands of Michigan jobs on her watch, or "in 5 years you'll be blown away." I don't think we will get any of those moments tonight. 

    Either way you can watch on WKZO.COM, and listen at 590KZO at 7pm. 


  • The Oscar's want you to watch!

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Jay Morris

    So this year the Oscars expanded the Best Picture category to ten, they are:

    'District 9'
    'An Education''
    'The Hurt Locker'
    'Inglourious Basterds'
    'The Blind Side'
    'A Serious Man'
    'Up in the Air' 

    Amazingly I have seen the last two movies, that ties an Oscar record for myself. Is it possible that Oscar judges added five of these movies just to make those of us who aren't steady movie goers feel that they have a movie to root for? Maybe even watch the Oscar's broadcast? I'm just thinking!

    Which is your choice for best picture? Leave your choice in the comments section. 



  • Jay Morris show Tuesday Topics

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Jay Morris

    Tuesday Show topics

    I found an article today talking about the a back door tax if the Bush tax cuts are left to expire. You'll want to hear how you too will have your tax increased. 

    SEC workers were caught doing what while at work? Ahh your tax dollars HARD at work! 

    That damn rodent 

    Oscars nominations are out, how many did you see?

    ALSO A BONUS BRIBE if you watch the Live streaming video today at WKZO.COM you could win a pair of tickets for Bold/Fresh at the Kalamazoo 10 Theater tonight! 


  • Monday's Jay Morris Show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Jay Morris Show

    Topics for Monday's show

    Governor on CNN Sunday, how many Michigan Jobs saved? How can we prove that?

    President Obama's budget

    Jobs bill 

    Rep. Fred Upton in the studio 4pm to 5pm 


  • Call Jay's Magic Laptop during the show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here is the latest way to get a hold of Jay during the show, right to his "magic laptop". (You need to have a mic and / or a webcam to make the call)  

    Just click the link below: 

    Fill in your name, and Jay will take your call

  • LISTEN-What did Chris Matthews say last night?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here is audio from MSNBC's Chris Matthews last night after the State of the Union.

    Does anyone really listen to this guy?

    Why even bring up the color of a mans skin?

    Most who watched the speech could have debated the substance of the 71 minute extravaganza, but Mr. Matthews instead spends time on the color of the President's skin. Another reason why I don't get MSNBC! 

    Chris Matthews

  • Jay Morris Show Thursday topics

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Here are some of the topics we will get to on Thursday's show

    President Obama and the State of the Union Speech 

    What words or phrases did he use most? 

    Greatest quote of the night 

    Where the hell was Hillary 

    Supreme Court got a mention in the speech

    "Good news" about Fanny and Freddie

    We have a H.E.C.K. center tenant 

    To hell with Asian Carp, watch out for VHS

    Also the Springer trial continues, watch live on WKZO.COM


    Topics and show suggestions always taken at jay.morris@wkzo.com

    Watch the show at WKZO.COM from 3pm-5pm 

  • President Obama using a hatchet!

    Posted by Jay Morris


    According to ABC news the President will propose a three year hard freeze on everything except defense, veteran affairs, and entitlement programs. 

    If you watch the video that might sound a bit familiar. 

    Here are some quotes from candidate Obama from last year when he was against an across the board tax freeze. 

    Now either the President has changed his mind, or he had some talks with the folks that were running the McCain campaign, or he decided to buy a hatchet. 

  • Jay's trip to Punta Gorda Florida- The Show

    Posted by Jay Morris


    Here are some of the behind the scenes of the trip to Punta Gorda Florida.

    As we celebrated the one year anniversary of Direct Air flying out of the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport!  

  • Scott Brown acceptance speech

    Posted by Jay Morris


    I have to admit this part of the speech did sound a bit strange when I first listened last night. Thinking about it today I changed my mind a bit because it was real!  

    It wasn't a tightly controlled teleprompter styled speech that we have heard from President and candidate Obama over the past year and a half.

    So while a bit odd it was refreshing. 

  • Wednesday's Jay Morris Show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Topics for Wednesday's Jay Morris Show 

    An independent uprising as Brown wins in Mass? What does it mean to Michigan?

    Both the Democrats and Republicans have had a major wake up call, what will happen next? 

    New carbon tax is being planned in France

    President Obama one year in, what grade does he get? 

    Doing this too much could kill you.... we will answer the question and giveaway WMU hockey tickets in the  4pm hour. 

    Topic suggestions always taken at jay.morris@wkzo.com

    watch the show at WKZO.COM from 3pm to 5pm EST


  • Tuesday's show

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Topics for Tuesday's show 

    Supreme Court no calls the "Attack of the killer Asian Carp" case

    Governor Granholm wants a "Carp Summit" 

    Spin in on by Democrats in Massachusetts, Republicans are also worried 

    Michigan military supplier adds something special to the weapons it makes 

    What did the FBI do? 


    Email any topic suggestion to jay.morris@WKZO.COM

    We have WMU Basketball tickets to giveaway during the show from 3pm to 5pm on 590 KZO and WKZO.COM