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  • Obscene Puppet billboard

    Posted by Jay Morris


    Here is the billboard for Avenue Q that is causing the big Hoo Ha in Colorado. Seems pretty harmless to me. Leave your comment below. 

  • A chicken in Every Pot and Free Porn For All

    Posted by Jay Morris

    According to a NewsMax article "The FCC, after having surveyed random Americans in October and November, said 28 million Americans, or 36 percent, said monthly fees and the cost of buying a computer are holding them back from subscribing to broadband service." 

    So the next call to action from liberals will have to be that in order to compete with the rest of the world, the government NEEDS to even the playing technological playing field. How do they do that, by ordering the rich to pay a Cadillac computer tax. Every household that has more than one computer, needing to pay their fair share.

    With all of that money raised, it cycles through our Federal Government, and on to purchase laptops and WiFi for those technologically less fortunate! 

    As the FCC says "that the long-awaited National Broadband Plan will try to help connect 93 million Americans to high-speed Internet to find jobs, access educational and healthcare services, and reduce household energy costs." Oh and give access to free porn to all.

  • Hey Tiger, Just Be Honest

    Posted by Jay Morris


    Tiger Woods apologized to the entire world today. I was really hoping he was just going to be honest with all of us, and say: 

    "I screwed around on my wife with a ton of women, I can't tell you I didn't enjoy it while I did it, and I can't say that I regret it."

    "I am a super athlete, you need to understand that I have been told my entire life that I can do anything I put my mind to. In this case I put my mind into getting the most something something that I could before I turned 35. "

    " I cannot tell you that I won't sleep around on my wife and family again, I know that my sponsors won't like to hear that, but I have millions of dollars already, so I really don't care"

    " My only real regret is that you the media and my family found out about all my of my friends with benefits. I wish each of these friends would have kept their mouths shut, I had so many more benefits to give." 

    "You don't have to like me, the fact is I don't care if you don't. I just want to follow my dream of golfing, and being Fred Garvin Male prostitute! Thank you all for coming, I have a little something, something to do." 

    "Oh and yea at some point I think I'll golf again, but right now I have to go back to the sex clinic and play with my driver."

    To read what Tiger actually said click here 

  • An Asian Carp fix

    Posted by Jay Morris

    ABC news is now following the Asian Carp story, featuring chef Philippe Parola's fix to the problem. This guy has carp cake, carp dip, carp gumbo. Almost sounds like Bubba from Forrest Gump. 

    for the full story click here

  • Jay Morris Show Wednesday Topics

    Posted by Jay Morris

    3PM Hour 
    Who said it ( Pistons Tickets) 
    Iran vs Pres. Obama
    Farm Bill cuts... 
    4PM Hour
    Campaign finance 
    Earthquake in Chicago today 
    Vern Elhers will not run for seat
    Illich won't run for Governor
    Capt. America is targeting who in issue #602? ( Pistons Tickets) 
    Ellen on Idol 

  • Jay Morris show Tuesday Topics

    Posted by Jay Morris


    Tentative topics for today's show 

    Asian Carp, the plan from the Feds, and Governor Granholm's response

    Iran... I ran so far away... rhetoric leaps up another notch

    The latest airline to fleece you

    What to do with all of these fat kids? If they are all fat, who get's picked last?


    Pistons tickets to giveaway online at WKZO.COM on the live streaming video between 3pm-5pm


  • Governor Granholm makes a stand

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So Governor Granholm does break from the policies of the Democratic party. She insists that even if the feds want to put almost 79 million dollars into a plan to ensure no Asian Carp, (or should they be called silver fin not sure yet) that is not enough. 

    The Governor wants the locks in Illinois closed, period 

    Read entire story here 

    I still say a couple of hundred cement trucks loaded up and "accidentally" dumped just near the locks is a nice neat quick fix. 

  • Smoking Police

    Posted by Jay Morris

    Warm June night, Arcadia Festival Place is rocking with a great band at GreekFest, beer in one hand, but don't even think about lighting up a cigarette, or cigar in the other hand. 

    When the Smoking ban becomes law in May, you no longer are allowed to smoke where any food or alcoholic beverage is served. No matter if that place is indoors or outdoors.

    click here for the full story 

    Being an ex-smoker I can't stand the smell of smoke anymore, and haven't touched a cigarette in 13 years. That said I respect the rights of smokers to engage in lighting up a cigarette, especially at an outdoor venue.

    Now if you light up it is a $100 fine for you and whoever is listed on the liquor license for a first offense. The third offense could close the festival! 

    The question to me is how and if this law is enforced. When someone does light up, and they will. Someone will complain and at that point it puts public safety in a interesting position of being the "smoking police". 


  • Springer Case goes to the Jury

    Posted by Jay Morris

    After emotional closing arguments yesterday the Springer Trial went to the jury. 

    Click here for the full story 

    I have only been on one jury in my life, and I learned how to make crack cocaine!  It took us two days of pretty intense deliberations to come to a guilty verdict. It will be very interesting to see how long it takes this jury to come to a verdict.

    Depending on the jury makeup, I can actually see this case ending in a hung jury. If this jury is parent heavy, I can see how the Anthony Springer direct testimony being effective. 

    As he talked about the challenges he and his wife had with their daughter, I was thinking about my own challenges with my children. I found myself being sympathetic to another dads plight. 

    Jury continues deliberations on Tuesday. 




  • Kalamazoo County Dems boycott, really?

    Posted by Jay Morris

    KALAMAZOO - They are talking trash at each other in more ways than one. The Kalamazoo Democratic Party is trashing a local waste hauler, calling for a boycott of Best Way Disposal, because the company is running ads, opposing abortion and supporting the Tea Party and its causes. 

    Click here for the rest of the story

    Not sure how many people Best Way employs, but it sounds to me that the Kalamazoo County Democrats are willing to let their politics get in the way of actual jobs in Kalamazoo. I just can't believe that this is a stand that they want to make at this point, but not being a Democrat I wouldn't understand anyway!