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  • Kalamazoo Event Center on hold

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So it looks like the Event Center for Downtown Kalamazoo is now on hold

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    During the Kalamazoo County Committee of the Whole Meeting May 4th Professor William Kern presented information about sports stadium subsidies 

    Click here for the story   Page 5 through 34 

    With his working paper from the North American Association of Sport Economist, (which until today didn't knew existed) Professor Kern finds that they find that " Stadiums, Arenas, and Sport Franchises have no consistent, positive impact on jobs, income, and tax revenues".

    That takes us back to square ONE, If not an arena (oops event center) what should Kalamazoo put in an empty parking lot in a very high traffic location downtown? I have some possibilities and  the best answer, and I'll lay it out during the show today. (OK one clue, what is Kalamazoo known for?)

    Listen today at 3:10pm on 590, 96-5 WKZO

    I have officially pitched the idea on the show of locating the "Gibson Guitar Hall of Fame" in that spot. 

    Fund it like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, with a mix of public and private money. 

    Every year a new Gibson artist comes to Kalamazoo to be inducted into the hall of fame. Those that donate can be part of the intimate concert at the hall of fame. 

    Also have a small performance hall inside, along with a bar/restaurant, and plenty of Gibson memorabilia. 

  • Facebook takes over

    Posted by Jay Morris

    So I spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out what the changes on Facebook will mean to me. So far what I have found out is that from now on the Facebook "like" button with the thumbs up will be everywhere!  According to the article I read on the web, Facebook users will be able to share interests across the web. In fact if you hit the like button that article will end up on your Facebook profile, even if you aren't logged in! 

    Not to sound like my dad, but why in the hell would you care if I liked an article? Nothing personal, but  I really don't care if you liked an article written about American Idol, Farm-ville, or Justin Bieber. 

    It isn't that I dislike Facebook, I find it a quick and easy way to keep up with a ton of friends really quickly. With five kids I probably wouldn't have a clue what was happening to other people in my life without it. I just have some limits about how much information is too much information. 

    For now your likes and dislikes can be shown only to friends rather than the entire world wide web, just go in and take a look at your privacy settings. 

  • All I want is the truth

    Posted by Jay Morris


    After listening, studying, and watching how the healthcare debate progressed over the past 12 months I am just fed up!  

    The Republicans say one thing, the Democrats say the exact opposite. Where is the truth in this bill? What exactly is going to happen? Will my premiums go up, or down? Will the quality of care at a hospital get better or worse? Will the withholding of money from my paycheck be smaller, or greater? 

    I can what economists "think" will happen, I can find people on both sides of this isle that can spew talking points like it is nobody's business. 

    All I want is the truth!

  • Welcome Lucy Rose Morris

    Posted by Jay Morris


    My wonderful wife gave birth to our 5th daughter Lucy Rose yesterday at 12:21pm. Everyone is wonderfully healthy, and my wife gave birth again without any pain meds or drugs of any kind. She is amazing woman! 

    Lucy weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. She was the smallest of all of the babies my wife delivered. 

    For my small part I was the chief motivator and baby cord cutter. Nowhere near the involvement of my wife, or Lucy, but I am told I did a fine job. 

    God has really blessed me with all five daughters. What an amazing day! 

  • What's Next?

    Posted by Jay Morris


    So after a 7 and a half hour confab in Washington both sides still disagree. To quote from Gomer Pyle "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" Did anyone really think that after this televised meeting that the President would walk out and say "I am swayed by this meeting and have decided to start over", or did anyone think John Boehner would say "The President is so right.. what was I thinking?" 

    The confab wasn't leading anywhere because the two sides, just like the American public, are split on this issue. Our legislators are really mirroring conversations happening all over this country. Just like my progressive sidekick Sean and I have discussions on this. We agree that this system doesn't work well, can agree on several small pieces of a larger whole, the end result is as different as apples and cheeseburgers.

    The two sides are destined to disagree on an issue this divisive. What happens next is the part that will be interesting to me. Will the Democrats go with reconciliation and risk going into the midterm elections? 

    In the end can either side figure out a way to:

    1) Increase the amount of people with healthcare

    2) Decrease the cost

    3) Keep or even better increase the quality of service

    Neither side has convinced me that their plan can do those three things.