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  • Today it's Easy Bein' Green!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    The Voice of Spartan Basketball - Will Tieman - talks about Tom Izzo's landmark announcement that he'll stay at MSU.  Will also talks about next year's team, Nebraska hoops and Big Ten expansion.


    06/16/10 - Will Tieman on Tom Izzo's decision to stay at MSH

  • No Balls and One Strike

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has manned-up and...taken a non-stand?


    Sean on Gallaraga call

  • Breaking News!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    In this candid video, WZKO News Director John McNeill breaks the story of the asteroid storm threatening mankind!

  • The Blossoming of the Turd

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Karl Rove, the guy in large part responsible for one of the worst administrations in US history, held a booksigning at a Portage Meijer 5/27/10.  I asked him a few questions...

    Karl Rove at book signing at Portage, MI Meijer 5/27/10

    Sean Patrick interviews Karl Rove - 05/27/10

  • Doing the Wave

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    What's with the rise of the "wavers" in front of area businesses?  Are they obnoxious, or merely annoying?

    Sean on the Jay Morris Show - What's with these "wavers"?

  • The British are Cunning!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    On today's show Jay talked about whether or not the government should step in and take control of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Several callers said no, that BP should take care if it itself.  A clip of Jay's comments and those of some callers is below.

    My response:

    First of all, it's absurd to accuse environmentalists of "pushing" oil companies further out to sea for unsafe drilling.  That is the choice of BP and other companies to pursue unsafe drilling in the drive to make a profit.  No one put a gun to BP's head and told them to drill there - they took that upon themselves to make money.  And it was in the drive for profit that the company disregarded warnings - rather than being a responsible corporate citizen and shutting down the operation at the first sign of trouble, the company decided it was more important to keep pumping profits and just hope it would be okay.  This is the company we're supposed to put our trust in.

    The argument "government can't do anything right" - which is never offered with compelling evidence, just TEA Party slogans - implies that profit-driven companies do everything right.  Really?  Isn't that kinda why we're here - private industry cut corners with safety, assured regulators this sort of accident could never happen?  And then rather than sticking to their conservative "personal responsibility" values, the first thing they do is point the finger.  It's not BP's fault for being irresponsible and unprepared - it's the government's fault for not predicting the future and protecting BP from itself. To review - government regulation is bad, until there's an accident, in which case it's the government's fault for not regulating the industry enough.  Talk about your flip-flopping!

    On a related note, I have to chuckle at the contradiction these types paint themselves into with their "Government bad *grunt*" mantra.  These types want it both ways: They talk about how great America is, how much they love their country and we have the best system of government in the world blah blah blah, but then they turn right around and disparage that same government and how every politician is corrupt.  Well, which is it?  Take a stand and say it loud and proud Flipper!

    In a very real sense, BP has America hostage.  BP has caused one of the greatest environmental disasters in history (wait until that crude washes up on Miami's South Beach), and because they claim to be the only ones in the world who can fix their mess, they can control the release of information about the damage.  For the first several weeks the company was claiming the leak was only releasing about 5000 barrels a day, which we now know to be an egregious underestimate at best.  Does anyone think this much more favorable number was an honest mistake on BP's part?

    I'll call it like I see it and call it a bald-faced lie.  BP was the only one with access to the leak itself, and held out on releasing video as long as it could.

    Do you trust British Petroleum to give you an honest assessment of the damage?

    I've got an idea for BRITISH Petroleum.  Let's take all the crude they're siphoning off their undersea gusher, haul that sludge across the Atlantic, and dump it on THEIR shores in England.


    05/24/10 Jay Morris Show - Jay and callers on govt takeover of BP Oil Gusher

  • My two-and-a-half cents

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Today on the show Jay was laying blame for the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher at the feet of - the government?  Hear his comments at the bottom of this posting.

    I should mention by the way, I hope when history finally names this disaster BP gets attached to it - they should own this offense against our planet and mankind.  Just like the "Exxon Valdez Oil Spill," I'm lobbying for the "BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher."  It's a bit unwieldy though, so I need to make it catchier, more marketable.

    Anyway, Jay wants to pass some blame to the government that he's usually telling to keep its hands off the free market...

    My response:

    You ever get on that ride at the rickety carnival "The Rotor?"  You know, you get in this oversized washing-machine drum and as it spins faster and faster the centrifugal forces pins you up against the wall.  I was never too fond of that one, because after the ride I would always get a splitting headache - it's just not natural to have all the blood pushed to the back of your brain.

    I get that same headache when I hear free-market capitalists blame the government for the failures of industry.  The same people who equate reasonable regulation with a government takeover (see "health care") are the first to blame the Obama administration for the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher.  BP failed to provide a contingency plan in the event of a catastrophic failure ("Eh, it'll never happen...") and it's the government's fault for not catching their failure ahead of time?

    Perhaps the government should never issue driver licenses until people's identities are authenticated going back to kindergaten.  I mean, if someone lies it's not their fault for lying - it's the government's fault for not catching them.  Anyone else notice how this is the diametric opposite of this whole "personal responsibility" thing the conservatives claim to support.  But when the moment comes for industry to man-up and accept this "personal responsibility" - Waaaaaaaah!  It's the government's fault for not catching my lies and omissions.

    "Your honor, it's not my fault I was breaking in to cars.  It's the job of the police department to keep me from doing so, so really the authorities bear some responsibility for this mess as well."  This coming from "conservative", "small-government" Republicans.  So quick to abandon their principles for political gain.

    So let me get this straight right-wingers: Government regulation is bad, until after a catastrophic accident.  Then it's the government's fault for not implementing regulations, which you strictly opposed.

    Incidentally, the regulations regarding the implementation of remote emergency cutoff valves were relaxed under the oily Bush administration.  But when you point this fact out, those on the right whine about blaming Bush for something he did - hmm, there's that flexible "personal responsibility" thing again, seems like they only mean it when it applies to someone else.


    05/18/10 Jay Morris on Govt blame for BP oil spill

  • Child-proof world / Farewell Atlantis

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Remember when Mom put child-proof latches on the kitchen cupboards, ‘cause you weren’t smart enough yet to know not to whip yourself up a nice little oven cleaner and bleach smoothie?  That’s why she put the sharp things way up where you couldn’t reach them, and kept a trigger lock on the .45 she kept under her pillow.  She did these things because she loved you and didn’t want you to hurt yourself, an account o’ you still being a dumb kid and all.


    Mother Nature has safety locks too.


    When she was baking all that coal in her oven, she didn’t want not-smart-yet mankind to poison itself with it, so she locked it inside of a mountain.  When 29 people are killed in West Virginia trying to get to it, and over 50 in Russia, it’s a sign you weren’t supposed to get to it.


    When she was brewing all her sweet, sweet crude oil, again she didn’t want bike-helmet mankind to get sick on it, so she figured she’d hide it under a mile of water.  And as if that weren’t enough to get the hint, I’ll put it under another few thousand feet of rock more. 


    But damned if we aren’t gonna do it just it just cause Mom told us not do.  And now sure enough, we’ve popped the bubble.  We poked a hole between the oil and the ocean and now we don’t know how to stop it.

    I’m sure they’ll figure it out at some point and turn it off, but how much of this poison will contaminate the water?


    Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to try to get it, kid.




    The Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to make her final liftoff today, so may I please have a moment of silence for the end of the era of American dominance in space.  What a maddening descent from first to worst.  It used to mean something to America that we would be number one in space.  What it must have been like in the prime of the U.S. – Soviet Space Race, culminating with one giant leap for mankind, brought to the world courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.


    But then the moon became, well, just the moon, old news daddy-o.  And with the technology to even think about Mars decades away, America lost interest.  And politicians questioned the return on investment in space exploration – apparently Tang wasn’t enough.  And so the funding of NASA gets cut and cut because it can’t justify itself to the public, which is largely not made up of astronauts and unable to really grasp the importance.


    And so now as our shuttle program gets ready to launch into the sunset, and no clear program to replace it, the United States is relegated to second-class status in the space race.  In order to get our cargo into space, we are now forced to hitch rides with our neighbors like Russia and China – and believe me, we’re paying the gas money.


    Why does it seem like I’m the only one embarrassed about this?  I should think this would be one thing the TEA Partyists would agree with me on, which would bring the grand total to one.  How humiliating, how emasculating that the US now has to hope that other countries will have room for us in their payloads.


    I used to be certain the first foot on Mars would be that of an American.  Now I’m not so sure.

  • Going 'Round in Circles...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    What's with roundabouts in Michigan - in AMERICA!?

    05/12/10 - Sean and Jay on Roundabouts

  • Obameter reading - 05/11/10

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    A quick check of the "Obameter" - the political climate facing our 44th president - as heard on the Jay Morris show, weekdays 3 to 5 on 590 AM and 96.5 FM WKZO, and streaming live online at

    Obameter 05/11/10