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  • VIDEO: Parachutist at UM-MSU game

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    A quick clip I shot in the pressbox of a parachutist landing on the field of Michigan Stadium before the Michigan-Michigan State game 10/09/10


  • Plunge of America

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    The Republicans take the same-ol' same-ol' and put it in a new book cover!  My take...

    Sean Patrick on the Right's "New Ideas" myth

  • The Famous Rich-Person Health Care Plan

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    I recently heard a famous national talk show host scream at a caller how everyone in America already has access to health care because they can go to an emergency room. I'm gonna refer to this famous, wealthy entertainer as "Mr. Show Host."

    According to Mr. Show Host's logic, everyone has health care because they can go an emergency room.

    Does Mr. Show Host know the anguish of an unemployed or underemployed parent that has a sick child, but because they don’t have health benefits cannot afford to take them to the doctor?  And then when the illness becomes too great and they bring their child to the ER on the Mr. Show Host Health Plan, does Mr. Show Host know the ulcer-inducing-keep-you-up-at-night worry that comes with that first bill in the mail?  That first envelope from a hospital, or the ambulance company, or the lab, or the surgeon, or the anesthesiologist.  Does Mr. Show Host know the fear of opening that envelope and seeing all those zeroes, seeing that astronomical figure at the bottom of the page that means financial ruin for your family?  That letter that spells the end of the dream of owning your own home, of sending your kids to college, of being able to retire.  That letter that means your dreams come crashing down because you got sick or injured in the greatest country on Earth.  In his ivory tower, Mr. Show Host is far, far removed from the concerns of real people in America.

    Putting an illness off as long as you can out of fear of the financial catastrophe it will bring on your family, and then when you’re on death’s door, dragging yourself into the emergency room only to discover that if your cancer had been diagnosed sooner you would have lived - this is the same as the health benefits that Mr. Show Host and his family receive?  To say this “Mr. Show Host ER Health Plan” is synonymous with being able to have regular checkups and preventive care is an out-and-out lie.  While Mr. Show Host and his family will have their cancer or diabetes or macular degeneration diagnosed early, you should be satisfied to wait until it’s too late.  There is no fair comaprison between the two and I have to believe that Mr. Show Host knows this - he couldn’t possibly be that dumb.  Would Mr. Show Host accept this for his family?  Would Mr. Show Host tell his daughter, “Gee honey, I’m sorry your tummy hurts and you’ve been vomiting all night, but we really can’t afford to go to the doctor right now.  Maybe if it’s worse in the morning we can take you to the ER.”  Seriously?

    I challenge Mr. Show Host (he knows who he is) to produce for me one, ONLY ONE, physician who will agree that there is no value to early diagnosis and preventive care.  One physician who will say there’s no urgency to diagnosing and treating your diabetes early, and that being able to do so will not prevent more expensive care later.  Trot out just one still-licensed doctor who will endorse the Mr. Show Host ER Health Plan.

    Yeah, it’s a great health care system - if you’re Mr. Show Host.


  • What's good for the goose is good for the gander, unless the gander is Christian.

    Posted by Sean Patrick


    “Read the Constitution!”

    You hear this from angry TEA Party-types all over this country.  It sure would be nice if they meant it.  But sadly, for many of these types, as soon as something Constiutional comes along that they don’t agree with, such as the 14th Amendment or a federal judge striking down Arizona’s go-it-alone immigration law, that respect for the Constitution is exposed for the facade it is.

    Our example today is the Islamic center in New York City to be located two city blocks away from the site of the World Trade Center.  As a disclaimer, I should mention that I was born in Manhattan, at St. Vincent’s Hospital on the day Broadway Joe delivered on his promise and led the New York Jets to victory in Super Bowl III.  That’s the same hospital my father passed away in in 1998.  To say I have New York ties puts it lightly.

    If these “Read the Constitution” types really meant it, they would be the first ones to rise to the defense of this Islamic center.  After all, this great nation was founded on religious liberty.  But sadly, for many of these people “religion” means only “Christianity” and while they whine about a contrived War on Christmas when the greeters at Wal-Mart say “Happy Holidays”, they are quick to attack others practicing their religion in America.

    They often excuse their intolerance with the false argument that, well, it’s okay if they practice their religion, just don’t be in my face about it.  Ground Zero is sacred, and it's disrespectful for them to put their center so close to it.

    Christianity is not without blood on its hands.  We have had intolerant cases in American of radical Christians shedding blood in Jesus’ name (despite his preaching against it).  How often has it happened that religious fanatics have shot and killed doctors who perform abortions, or firebombed women’s clinics?  Surely to put a religious center right in front of one of these places that has been the victim of their violence would be just as disrespectful, right?

    Here in Kalamazoo, on West Michigan Avenue, we have a Planned Parenthood facility.  Surely you noticed it as you’ve driven past - you can’t miss the iron fence with machine-operated gate, a sad necessity given the religious violence against the fully legal and Constitutional institution.  And what do we have right across the street?  Alternatives of Kalamazoo.  From their website: To reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by offering hope and meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that safeguard the rights, dignity, and health of unborn children and their parents.

    So here we have a religious center right across the street from an institution that those who practice its faith have acted violently against.  Is this any less confrontational?  Where’s all the angry rhetoric about respect?  Sounds to me like they get a free pass because they practice the “right” religion.

    Do as I say, not as I do = hypocrite.


  • In case you still think Fox News is "news" by any stretch of the imagination...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    From A loose network of Mexican-American women, some of whom may be illegal immigrants, have been responsible for helping numerous Afghan military deserters go AWOL from an Air Force Base in Texas, has learned.

    "May be?"  That passes for journalism?  I could say, "Reporters for Fox News, some of whom may be pedophiles, need to keep their opinions to themselves" and not be proven wrong.  Please, someone try to defend Fox as "news"...

  • Sean Patrick - Mythbuster!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Renewable green technology such as wind and solar is just too expensive and unreliable, that's why we need to continue our dependence on oil.  Have you heard this one lately.  It's BS of course, and I'll tell you why...

    Sean Patrick on "unaffordable" green energy lie

  • The TEA Party - Barks worse than it Bites...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Why I believe the TEA Party actually works against its own interests.  Also, a caller and I debate - I think I win :-)

    Sean Patrick on TEA Party self-immolation, 07/12/10

  • Jesse Jackson Jumps the Shark

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Jesse Jackson slips dangerously close to becoming a black Pat Robertson...

    Sean Patrick on Jesse Jackson's dumb comment on LeBron James, 07/12/10.

  • S.O.C.K. in the USA!

    Posted by Sean Patrick


    I have to say, I have watched more soccer in the last month than I have in my entire life before that, and I can honestly say my opinion of the sport has shifted.  I didn’t grab hockey at first, because the strategy is executed so quickly, with possession of the puck going back and forth so much it made me dizzy.  But eventually I saw the subtle nuances in the execution, the perfectly-timed pass, the man open in front of the net at the right time.  Often the game has only a few breathtaking moments such as this, like a game 7 NHL Finals game ending in 1-0.  I learned to appreciate that about hockey and I can say I appreciate soccer much more in that same way.  I actually sat through entire matches (and even learned to call them “matches”) watching anxiously for these few fortuitous moments.  And I have to admit that I initially did so to follow the US Team, and the thrilling, unforgettable sports moments they created showed me that this was not the Saturday morning soccer I played in my childhood!  When my family, and my wife’s family visiting from Belarus all came out to get together and visit us recently, everyone wanted to start the next Saturday in a sports bar catching the Argentina-Germany match before hitting the beach at South Haven.  I was watching the finals when Spain put a dagger in the heart of the Netherlands and wrote their chapter in the World Cup legacy.  I can truly saw I’m sorry World Cup’s over, and it’s going to be a long four years to wait for it to come back.

    A quick word of advice to futbol if I may.  I’m sure longtime fans of the sport have come to accept blatant flopping and feigning injury if they “trip” on an opponent’s tailwind as part of the game.  I mean, I thought it was bad in the NBA - it made Reggie Miller one of the lousiest players in the league in my eyes.  But it’s just comical how these soccer guys ham it up like they’ve just torn an Achilles every time they take a dive, and when they see no yellow card forthcoming, they just spring back up and bound away like a gazelle.  And the loose system of reffing and timekeeping I think seriously hampers its entrance into the American mainstream sportsscape, a place where people want their clocks setup for tenths-of-a-second and want more and more use of instant replay.  I think if soccer in the US - I guess I mean MLS - wants to try to ride this wave of patriotism-tinged soccer fervor, they would do well to launch a campaign in which they draw a clear distinction from what people saw in the World Cup.  Give the people what they want: clocks that stop when play is stopped so we know when the game will freaking end (sorry, drives me nuts, feels like I don't get closure), start yellow-carding people who fake too many mortal injuries, and some instant replay to make sure goals like the ones denied the US, England and the like are correctly allowed - I mean, the game’s low-scoring enough already guys!


  • Why the TEA Party Will Fail

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    The much-ballyhooed November bloodbath excitedly anticipated by mouth-foaming TEA Partyists will be not a bang but a whimper...

    Sean Patrick on why the TEA Party will fail

  • Stop the Press! A Caller Agrees with Meeeeee!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    This does not happen often folks, so I present to you the rare moment when a caller to the show agrees with me!

    A caller agrees with Sean on difficulties of stopping BP Oil Gusher