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  • He's Fred Upton and he approved these messages

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Have you ever heard a political ad and said to yourself "How do they get away with saying this stuff?"  I had the opportunity to ask Congressman Fred Upton about a couple of his political attack ads and allowed him to defend their outrageous claims.

    Fred Upton defends negative ads

  • A REAL Defense of Marriage Act!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    I want to stand up and applaud the brave politicians standing up for our values in defense of traditional marriage. I know the liberal media are trying to take you down, but I want you to know I stand in solidarity with you, ready to defend the traditional marriage that made America great.

    To that end, I know you'll agree when I say it's time to make a REAL difference in protecting marriage and do all we can to criminalize divorce in America! Only then can we

    Uh, hey guys - where did everybody go?

  • Duh!

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    If I'm the Big Ten, I make Michigan State-Wisconsin a protected rivalry.

  • Honey, you're not gonna believe this...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Herman Cain says he didn't have an affair with Ginger White, just provided her with financial assistance from time to time.  I'm sure my wife would understand if I was giving financial assistance to some woman I am DEFINITELY not sleeping with.  Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all - do you think he'd give me some "financial assistance?"  Is that what the kids are calling it these days, "financial assistance?"

  • Unfair Tax

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Ever wonder why only rich people clamor for a "flat tax"?  Here's why.

    Sean Patrick on the Flat Tax

  • The GOP loses their mojo

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    As the debt "crisis" looms, the GOP continues to do all it can to prevent anything from getting done, and hopefully the American voters will remember...

    The GOP digs in its heels - and shoots itself in the foot.

  • Ask your doctor...

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Ask your doctor, if Republican social media is right for you...

    Overtweeting side effects

  • Freedom is Free

    Posted by Sean Patrick

    Here's an article saying how if the US would just not insist that companies pay taxes on overseas profits, these benevolent companies would bring billions of dollars home and create thousands of jobs with it.




    Now that you've read the article, here's what's wrong with it.


    1) Let's say you're a US company.  You want to build a factory.  If you build that factory in the US, you have to pay US workers, hopefully a wage they can buy a home and raise a family on.  The US has a very high quality of life, so those workers don't come cheap.

    2) You could make a lot more money if instead you opened your factory in Bangladesh.  They'd work for nickels a day and you probably wouldn't have to get all tangled up with things like enviornmental and safe workplace regulations.  So you open your factory in Bangladesh.

    3) For a moment, you think about moving to Bangladesh to be close to your wildy-profitable factory.  But then that would mean living in Bangladesh.

    4) You think about what it would be like to live in the most densely-populated country on Earth, and words like malaria enter your mind.  You decide that you much prefer your life here in the United States.

    5) As well you should, after all, the US of A makes a strong case for the highest standard of living in the world.  Our freedoms are unparalleled throughout the globe.  This intangible "something," this essence of the American experience, this is that something so valuable and rare in the world, it is why millions of Americans have laid down their lives for country.  It is why Cubans brave shark-infested waters, and Chinese seal themselves in hot, steel containers - just for a CHANCE at a life like this.  Freedom isn't free as they say.

    6) So you decide to open your factory in Bangladesh but continue to live here with your family in the US.

    7) Your factory is profitable, and for those profits made in Bangladesh, you pay taxes to the Bangladeshi government.

    8) But then when you want to bring your profits back to the US, the American people, through their government, asks that you support this country you enjoy living in by paying taxes.

    9) "But I already paid taxes on this money in Bangladesh - it's not fair for me to pay taxes on it twice.  You're just taking my money and I don't get anything for it!"


    If you feel it's unfair for you to pay taxes in both the country you make your profits and the country in which you live, you are completely free to either

    a) Move to Bangladesh

    b) Don't build your factory in Bangladesh.

    You chose to build your plant because you make more money than you would have had you built it in the US, and employed American workers.  But now, not only do you want the higher profits of overseas but you want to get the privilege of living in the US rather than Bangladesh for absolutely free.

    "But you're just taking my money and I don't get anything for it!"

    See 5) above.

    What you get is that which people gave their lives for.  At Concord, Gettysburg, Normandy.  You get to live in the US.  You don't think that's worth paying for?  You don't value this "nothing" you have to pay taxes for?  Then no one's stopping you from moving to your factory in Bangladesh.

    You went overseas for higher profits - there is a cost of doing that business.

    These companies know this going in - they try to twist it around and paint themselves as being victims.  Bottom line - these corporations are asking for a bribe for shipping American jobs overseas.

    A life in the US is arguably one of the best lives on Earth, and since you get what you pay for, you would expect to pay the highest taxes on Earth.  There's a reason BMWs aren't cheap either.  But the US does not have the highest taxes, which in any other situation would be called a great deal.  But many on the right feel even to give that is too much.  You know, for that worthless "living in America" thing.


    Which brings us to the throughly-debunked myth that giving big handouts to rich corporations or individuals creates jobs.  FALSE.

    Market demand creates jobs.

    Let's say you have a factory owner, and his plant employs 300 workers.  300 is enough to get the work done, but no more than they need so they're not paying workers they don't need.  If business picks up, maybe they'll hire 25 more people.  If they lose an account maybe they'll lay 25 people off.  But the number of employees is not random - if the busiess owner is savvy it will be the right amount.

    Let's further say you give this company a $250K tax break.  The right-wing would have you believe that the business owner will go out and hire a bunch of people they don't need.  Or buy equipment or build a facility they don't need to meet the demands of their customers.

    Really?  Suddenly they'll throw the principles of business out the window if we give them a lot of money?

    If their business picks up and they need to hire more people or buy more equipment, then they go to the bank (you know, the "free market") and borrow the money to expand.

    Debunked.  Again.