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  • Blinders & Earplugs, Please!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Oh I guess that won't work since it will be me providing the spoiler alerts for The Olympics. It's just kind of a bummer to already know the outcome of the events by the time you see them on t.v.

    It's a fun kind of stress to see how things are going to turn out.  It's a bad kind of stress when you go into it knowing that our Michigan gymnast is going to make a mistake.  You just wait for it.  UGH!

    Still, I'll be glued to the tube for much of it.  Hey, NBC!  Put some good stuff on before 10 pm.

  • Hot Child in the City

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Here's your running total in the steamy summer of 2012:

    Days 85-89   19

    Days in the 90's   22

    Days 100+   5

    Stay cool!

  • Did you know?

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I talked this morning to the executive director of the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. She told me that Serena Williams is being inducted in the class of 2012.

    Yeah, that Serena Williams.

    But why?

    Because she was born in Saginaw, that's why.

    Did you know that?

  • The Aura of Mystery

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Remember when you were little and you would see one of your teachers at the grocery store and it seemed so weird to see them out of "their setting"?  That's kind of how I feel about all these singers showing up to judge reality shows.

    I know they're not being "themselves" when they're on t.v., but still I would rather listen to Mariah Carey, Jennifer Nettles, Christina Aquilera et al than see them all tarted up and being forced to groom their replacements.

    It's like when some tech person has to train the people who are going to take his job in India.  Why would Mariah WANT to do that?  Either she's really secure in her diva position, or she's looking at the big paycheck.

    I'm sure she'll be fine.  Save the show?  Nah. I'd rather just turn up the radio and listen to her warble.

  • The Scales Have Fallen From My Eyes

    Posted by Lori Moore

    "How can this be?"

    "What was he thinking?"

    Everyone is asking those questions this morning about the motive in the Aurora mass murder.

    While we may never know, at least we one mystery is solved regarding the other top story of the day : "How could the powers that be cover up the Jerry Sandusky perversions?"

    Answer: The NCAA is fining the school $60 million....OR ONE YEAR'S REVENUE FOR THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM.

    Any further questions?

  • And You Were Ticked About The Uniforms?

    Posted by Lori Moore

    There has been quite an uproar about the USA OLYMPIC uniforms being manufactured in China.

    Get a load of this!

    This morning we spoke with Jon VanderMolen of the North American Sailing Center in Richland.  His company manufactured the star-class sailboats that will be used by 13 of the 16 participating nations in the London Olympics.

    Let's see...Canada...Poland...Ireland...Where is the United States?  Oh!  They're getting their boat from ITALY because Jon's was considered too expensive.

    In their defense, VanderMolen tells us that our sailors don't get the $$$$$ backing that some countries do, but COME ON!

    USA! USA! USA!



    Posted by Lori Moore

    Harding's Woodbridge 3-5 pm

    Wine tastings, wine SALE!, check out the cheese and chocolate department, $1 coffee your chance to win free groceries and/or a $50 gas card.

    See you there!

  • Toasty Tally

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Days of 100+ -----5

    Days over 90 -----19

    Days 85-89 -----17

    And get a load of this!  Our first 85 degree day was in MARCH!  Our first 80 degree day of the season was March 14.

    Every single day this month has seen a high of 85 degrees or more.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Air Conditioning

    Posted by Lori Moore

    At the time of its invention, it was called "Apparatus for Treating Air".  You know it as air conditioning and it was invented on this date in 1902 by American engineer William Carrier.

    The first air-conditioned home was in Minneapolis in 1914.  It was kind of dangerous back then because they used toxic ammonia as a coolant!  YIKES!

    Carrier continued to modify his invention and it really took off in the mid-twenties when he sold his invention to movie theatres and department stores in NYC. The United State House of Representatives installed it in 1928 with the Sentate, White House and Supreme Court soon to follow.

    As we swelter with 19 90+ days and 4 100's so far (and 100 degrees today?), I salute William Carrier.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • Hot Fun in the Summertime

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Remember last summer when we were pitying Texas and their 100 days over 100? Remember thinking, "How can they STAND it?"

    If you're keeping track of the West Michigan heatwave/drought of 2012:

    So far we have had 18 days in the 90's.

    4 days in the 100's.

    90's or ...100+ expected through Wednesday.

    Are we having fun yet?

  • Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die

    Posted by Lori Moore

    There's a country song for every occasion. We were matching songs to our top news stories of the day.

    We had the grisly story about a Jackson woman who kept her dead boyfriend in a chair for 2 years so they could watch Nascar together.

    The dedication of the day was "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die".  Brilliant.

  • Impress Your Friends!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Fun facts galore on The Lori Moore Show today:

    -Lake Superior could hold the water of all the other 4 Great Lakes plus several more Lake Eries thrown in.

    -The shoreline is so long that if you laid it out starting in Benton Harbor it would go to Las Vegas!

    -The deepest part is ...well, picture 2 Ren Cens

    Happy Lake Superior Day coming up this Sunday.

    As for this incredible weather:

    -We have had 14 days in the 90's so far.

    -We have had 4 days in the 100's!