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  • A Tribute: A 50's Party

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Join me at The WMU Richmond Center, Friday November 9th from 5:30-7:30.  We'll be getting warmed up for the Olivia Newton-John/Kalamazoo Symphony concert at Miller.

    It's a benefit for The Borgess Tree of Love, a campaign that provides free mammograms to low income women.

    Tickets are $50.  Call 226-8100 or


  • Superstorm Superstars

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Thanks to my brother Greg in NYC (lives in Mayor Bloomberg's neighborhood so he has power)and my dear friend Deborah Beard Bader in Boston for providing superstorm coverage this morning.  If in the unlikely event that their respective careers don't pan out, might I suggest comedy?

  • Feeling Deflated

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I like being the sweepER much better than being the sweepEE.  Still...what a GREAT season of baseball!  I had the pleasure of going to several games this summer and I have some special memories.  Thank you, Detroit Tigers!

  • Giving People

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo is reporting that they had a record setting training session for tutors as a result of WKZO's "Lori Moore Corps" volunteers.  Thank you for making a difference!

    It's not too late to sign up.  Go to to get started.

  • Good Works

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Thanks to Bigby Coffee on Stadium Drive for hosting the Kzoo Youth Hunger Event today. Until midnight, you can enjoy 25% off your beverages if you drop off non-perishable food items for Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes.  At midnight, area youth groups will be living outside in cardboard boxes at Lighthouse Community Church to understand the plight of the homeless.

    Pictured: Pastor Mark Swank, State Representative Aric Nesbett, Lori Moore, Kyle Kinney.

  • HURRY!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Get your EAT LOCAL recipes to by Friday.  It's our 11th edition of "A Holiday Dish to Pass"!

  • A Bevy of Theatrical Offerings This Week!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    We are so fortunate to have so many great shows on area stages right now.

    Last week WKZO listeners enjoyed "3 Musketeers" at Shaw Theatre.  Ione Condit says, "We really enjoyed the show.  The kids did a great job.  Wasn't the king great? He stayed in character and 'milked' it.  We were also impressed with the choreography of the multiple fight scenes.  At one point I believe there must have been 12 people all brandishing swords at the same time." The University Theatre presentation continues this week.

    Want to cry?  Check out Farmer's Alley Theatre's extremely touching production of "Spitfire Grill".

    I'm still trying to process "The Imaginary Invalid" at The Kalamazoo Civic's Parrish Theatre. Ha!!!!!  What WAS that?  A 300 year old Moliere play set in the 1960's!  Great cast starring Ben Zylman and the stage and costumes were out of this world.

    Finally, if you like to be scared...check out the suspenseful "Woman in Black" starring Arnie Johnston at The New Vic.

    We are so lucky to have all this great theatre in Kalamazoo.  Treat yourself and see a show this week.

  • Chili Champs

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Thanks to the throngs of animal lovers who came out to Mattawan Pet Supplies 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off to benefit Van Buren County animal rescue groups.

    Congratulations to the winners: 3rd place- Brandywine

                                                 2nd place - Tavern on McGillen

                                                 1st place - Geddes Groomed

    Here is my new girlfriend Etsu!

  • Go Tigers! Go Huskies!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I couldn't be more thrilled about the Tigers.  I wore my Tiger shirt today to celebrate.

    And go Portage Northern Huskies tonight against the Mustangs!

  • Rambling in the Woods

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Even though it was cloudy, it was such a mild evening that my cats and I went for a walk in the woods.

    I think the fall colors are the most vivid they've ever been.  Here's Gypsy surveying the scene: