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  • Potluck Pal-Anthropists

    Posted by Lori Moore

    2009 TOTAL: $60,326

    LOAVES & FISHES TOTAL: $21,885

    11/25 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes @ Harding's $2,390

    11/27 MSU Master Gardeners Vegetable Garden @ Nature Connection $1,464

    11/30 Senior Services/Senior Companion Program @ Heart Center for Excellence $2,100

    12/1 Crescendo Academy of Music @ Vandersalm's/Flipse $1,065

    12/2 Alternatives Pregnancy Care Center @ Barstools & More $3,542

    12/3 SPCA @ Mattawan Pet Supplies $1,764

    12/4 Kalamazoo Civic Theatre @ The Fetzer Center $1,005

    12/5 Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes @ Harding's $3,116

    12/7 Kairos Dwelling @ Power's Bath Systems $5,925

    12/8 Make A Wish-MI @ Don's Card Hut $2,013

    12/9 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes @ Harding's $8,183

    12/10 Kalamazoo Gospel Mission @ Exteriors of Kalamazoo $1,115

    12/11 Bethany Reformed Church "Backpack Buddies" @ V&A Bootery $2,919

    12/13 Christian Neighbor's @ Jo's Hallmark $7,495

    12/14 Ecumenical Senior Center @ Springcrest $1,463

    12/15 Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center @ Harding's $2,036

    12/16 Pretty Lake Camp @ Little Chick Shoes/Lee's Adventure Sports $4,611

    12/17 Loaves & Fishes @ Liberty Square $2,843

    12/18 Loaves & Fishes @ Harding's West Main $5,248

    Our thanks to our particularly generous Potluck Pal-anthropists!

    PEACHY ($100-$249)-Bob & Chris Holt, Joel & Nancy Myers, Peter & Christine Bourgeois, Jeanne Turner, Mrs. Ann Onymous, Susan Hoeksema, Key Blooms Country Gardens, Tom Fawley, Jack Hoegendyk, Carolyn Schroeder, Sackett's Carpet City, Fred Taylor, Louis and Sarah Cramer, Vicki Vandenberg, James Griffiths, Susan Sonnevil, Shelley Romence, Anne and Sandy Lipsey, Martin Glista, Mark Hoffman, Andrew and Pat Brogowicz, "Live After 5" AMBUCS, Herschel and Betty Miller (Miller-Schuring Agency), Billie & Ralph Herrick, Richard Vangorder, Ms. Wonderful, James Dean, Susan Shaw, Marie Rogers, Ron Wiser (R.B.Wiser & Associates), William and Linda Smith, Keith Wester Dental Care P.C., Dr. Kenneth Grabowski's Orthodontics Rob & Karen Grainger/Team Taylor, Charles & Trudy Grainger/Team Taylor, Tom & Cindy Noverr, Grant & Darlene Perrin, Linda Swinehart, David Kingsley, Cynthia Addison, "Just Rita", Peter Dame, William & Sandra Allen, Todd & Dana Bartholomew, Eric & Dan Myers, Dr. Mini Rangrass DDDS, Karen Graham-Taylor, Mike Corliss (Pipefitters Local 357),  Reverand Bob Terwilliger, George & Norma Lockway, Thomas & Diana Gilmer Tice, Tere & Chuck Innane, Pauline Keiser, Thomas & Dawn Berner, Jim Meles, Bernie & Mary Khodl, Nick & Karin Breedveld, Millard & Nancy Doster, Greenleaf, Harold & Bonnie Ziegler, Diane & Timothy Kievet, Linda & David Stafford, Evelyn Lee (Lee's Adventure Sports), Daane's Market/Catering, The LaCroix Family, Susan Annen, Kelli & Mike DeWitt, Mary Ellen Fredenberg, Heat $ Frost Insulators (Local 147), Gail Reisterer, Rebecca & Mike Timpe, Diana & Thomas Hoy, Margaret & Steve VanerWoude (Liberty Square Furniture), Garry & Evelyn Sportel, Mike & Jan Fitzpatrick, Gail Lawson & Margaret DeYoung, C. Lynn Vandenberg, Gruizenga Home Builders, Dawn Pantaleo, anonymous, Patricia Flower

    PUCKISH ($250-$499)-Nellie & David Klien, Chris & Linda Beaver, Heart Center for Excellence, Victoria Martin, Greg Sholtz, David Buskirk, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Bill Van Dis (V&A Bootery), Plainwell/Otsego Schools, Westside Euchre Ladies, Andy J. Egan Co., Betty & Art Roberts, Daniel Alban, Miss Jenni Russ,

    COPACETIC ($500-$749)- Joe & Rachel Ruzycki, The Awesome Family, W.J. Dyhuis Builders

    WANTON ($750-$999) - Luann & James LaRoy, Larry Rose (Morris Rose Auto Parts)

    WICKED ($1,000+) Joe Smith "I'm Your IT" , Sheila Powers "Power's Bath Systems" , Mary Tyler "Tyler-Little Foundation", Little Chick Shoe Shop,

    WOWZA! ($2,500+) WESTSIDE Autobody USA

  • Cookbook Correction

    Posted by Lori Moore

    PAGE 5 "NAUGHTY" section

    John's Mom's Oatmeal Cake needs a cup of oatmeal.

  • She'd Rather Be Hit By A Train

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Madonna paid a visit to David Letterman last night. They chatted about her recent divorce from Guy Richie. She said she was married for 8 years - "the Bush years...a good time to be out of America". When Letterman asked if she had any plans to get married again, she said she "would rather be run over by a train."

    Sarah Palin's upcoming book is already a best -seller two months before its release. "Going Rogue:An American Life" has grabbed the #1 spot on both and Barnes and Noble's best-seller lists.

    Actor Randy Quaid and his wife are scheduled to appear before a Callifornia court later this month. They sort of forgot to pay a $10,000 bill at the San Ysidro Ranch. They call it a big misunderstanding. Good thing I have an understanding with Motel 6.

  • Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Whoops! TLC is taking Jon out of the mix of their formerly popular show about a family with a brood of 8. The TLC prez says that they are trying to "evolve with the changing family dynamic". Starting in November we will enjoy "Kate Plus 8" without having to worry if one of daddy's many girlfriends will show up to play Legos.

    Ouch. Dan Rather has lost his lawsuit war with CBS. A New York appeals court has thrown out his $70 million lawsuit. Rather claims he was made a scapegoat for a 2004 report questioning then-president Bush's military record.

    Mackenzie Phillips is going to rehash her lurid life on "Larry King" tonight. eeeeew. At what point do her tales of incest cease to be about "helping other victims" and become about selling books?