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  • Get Over Yourself

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Lindsay Lohan is delusional.  She's suing E-TRADE for the talking baby Super Bowl ad that refers to a boyfriend-stealing milkaholic named Lindsay.  Well of COURSE it must be making fun of HER.  WHAT?  First of all, she wouldn't steal your boyfriend. She dates girls.  Her attorney claims that she, like Cher, Madonna and Oprah is a "one name" celebrity and they are parodying her life.  Not so much.  She is suing for $50 million in exemplary damages and $50 million in compensatory damages.  Good luck with that, honey.

  • The Show Must Go On

    Posted by Lori Moore

    But I don't know how she'll do it.  Marie Osmond is planning on returning to her Vegas show at the Flamingo tonight ONE DAY after burying her son who committed suicide on February 26.  I remember when Bill Cosby was being criticized for returning to work too soon after the murder of his son and he said not to judge until you're in those shoes.  There is something very healing about the love from the audience that performers thrive on, and I hope it works.  I just don't know how she'll be able to smile and belt out the tunes in the midst of such grief.

  • Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

    Posted by Lori Moore

    It's not your imagination.  The string of sunny days we've been enjoying is longer than any stretch of time in ANY season in 2009.  Enjoy another as we hit the 50's.


    Too bad I'll be snoozing through much of the day.  I couldn't turn off the Oscar's even though bed was beckoning.  Didn't you love the stage?  Didn't you love the dresses?  LOTS of cool ones this year.  There was even a little "drama" because the categories weren't all predictable.  And the first woman director!  YAY!

  • CURLamazoo

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Hey!  It's a quite a coup for Kalamazoo to be hosting the Curling National Championships at Wings Stadium.  The opening ceremonies are Saturday and the action continues all week.  Jeff Webber joined us this morning to talk about the preparations for the event.  Plain old hockey ice will not do!  A whole crew came in to make the ice just right for the event which requires smooth, level ice.  Jeff told us we were chosen over big cities like St. Paul, Minnesota because we would make it the focal point of the community.  So let's support it.  Tickets are cheap and available through the Wings Stadium ticket office.

  • MAB Broadcast Excellence Awards

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Way to go, POTLUCK PALS!  You got the gold medal at last night's Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards in the area of "Community Involvement". It truly IS a community event with so many people making it possible every year; from those who submit recipes, to the many people who help us raise tens of thousands of dollars.  This year our total was over $60,000!

    You should be proud!

    We're pretty excited about being named "Station of the Year" for Market 2 (Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids) for the second year in a row.  Whoo hoo! 

  • Michigan Connection to the Oscars

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The Oscar nominated film "The Hurt Locker" is the subject of a federal lawsuit in Detroit by Master Sergeant Jeffrey Sarver.  The producers claim it is a work of fiction, but he says that the movie is not only based on HIS life, but that he coined the phrase that became the film's title.  The always festive Geoffrey Feiger is his lawyer.

    Huge ratings for Jay Leno's return to "THE TONIGHT SHOW".  He handily kicked David Letterman's butt, but not as many people tuned in for his return as they did his goodbye.

    A switcheroo last night on "IDOL".  It was supposed to be Ladies' Night, but one of the contestants had to be hospitalized for diabetes related complications.  At short notice the guys took the stage last night.  The gals, including Crystal Bowersox will perform tonight.  2 guys and 2 girls will be kicked off tomorrow.

  • Dancing With the Unknowns

    Posted by Lori Moore

    It's the second highest rated show on t.v. next to "American Idol";  "Dancing With the Stars".  The potential embarrassment and hard work notwithstanding, you'd think get they'd bigger names for the upcoming season which was announced last night.  I've heard of Shannon Doherty, Kate Gosselin, Pamela Anderson and Buzz Aldrin (he's 80!)...the rest of them?  Not so much.  Good luck with that.

    It's said Americans don't watch hockey on t.v.  They sure did on Sunday.  It was the third most watched hockey game in America...ever.  It beat the Grammy's, The Daytona 500..even the Master's!

    Hey!  Baseball on 590KZO on Thursday.  Tiger Baseball @ 1:00...aaaah.

  • Simon Off the Market

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Simon Cowell is tying the knot.  You heard me.  The 50 year old crabby zillionaire is marrying his makeup artist, Mezhgan Hussainy.  Do you think he's nicer in "life" than he is on AMERICAN IDOL?

    IDOL'S most successful winner, Carrie Underwood makes her acting debut in tonight's episode of CBS's "How I Met Your Mother".

    T.V.'s second most popular reality show, "Dancing With the Stars" will reveal its upcoming cast during the "Bachelor" finale.  Did I hear that Pamela Anderson is going to be a dancer?

    Good luck to Jay Leno who got jacked around on "The Tonight Show".  It wasn't even a year ago that he was removed from the chair to make way for Conan O'Brien.  He'll be back tonight with a spate of guests from the Olympics.

  • WHO'S So Vain?

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Carly Simon has finally ended the 38 year guessing fame over the subject of her hit song, "You're So Vain".  Is it:

    A) Mick Jagger

    B) Cat Stevens

    C) Warren Beatty 

    D) David Geffen

    You didn't pick D did you?  But the "Sun" reports Simon solved the riddle by whispering David Geffen's name backwards in a reworked version of the 1972 song for her new album "Never Been Gone" which comes out next week.  When she wrote the song, Geffen was head of Elektra Records.

    Mick Jagger sang on the song.  Warren Beatty was an obvious choice. And Cat Stevens was the subject of "Anticipation".  David Geffen?  That kind of came out of nowhere.

  • Sore Losers

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Hey, Potluck Pals!  We've won a Michigan Association of Broadcasters BROADCAST EXCELLENCE AWARD for the cookbook. WAY TO GO!  I won't know until next Wednesday if we got the "silver" or "gold" in the category of "Community Involvement".  I was saying how I really HATE 2nd place and Lynn Houghton called in with a remedy.  Russian figure skater, Yevgeni Plushenko was super ticked that American, Evan Lysacek beat him for the gold medal in the he elevated his silver medal to PLATINUM!  HA! That's my kinda guy.

  • Sock it to 'em, Oprah

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Andrew Young will be in the hot seat today on "OPRAH".   He's the ex-aide to John Edwards who has written a book, "The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards' Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal that Brought Him Down."  (Is that the longest book title EVER?)  Young claimed to be Rielle Hunter's baby daddy and even moved her into his home with his wife and kids to deflect the scandal away from the presidential hopeful.  It smelled then, and knowing what we know stinks to high heaven!  I can't wait to see it.  I'll report back tomorrow...

  • Check the attic!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The next time someone calls PLUGAWAY THURSDAY and has comic books for attention!  An unknown buyer shelled out a record-breaking ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the 1938 edition of "Action Comics Number One". The comic book features the first appearance of Superman and is widely referred to as the "Holy Grail" of the comics world.  I wonder if any of the old Archie's comics my brothers and I had are worth anything?