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  • The White House Website

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Kalamazoo Central High School is one of 6 high schools in the country vying to have President Barack Obama speak at their commencement ceremony.   You need to help with the cause by going to to check out and rate their video.  The deadline is hurry!

  • WDYAJSU? Party

    Posted by Lori Moore

    There is a groundswell of support for my newly formed WHY DON'T YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP? PARTY.  Between the Tea Partiers and the guy who was saying how much he LIKES to pay taxes in the news, I'm just not relating.

    So far the following people have agreed to jump on board:

    Dan: VP

    Andy: Speechwriter (he will have a very easy job)

    Kathy: Publicist

    Terri: Sgt. of Arms

    Celeste: Youth Liaison

    Ed: Wants to be in charge of the party part of the party

    There have got to be other people besides me who are sick of all the anger and yelling.  Can't we all just get along?

  • Friday

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Friday morning on the WKZO MORNING SHOW, I'll be joined by my uncle, Joseph Herter who is a conductor in Poland and will be performing at the weekend memorial for the Polish President and First Lady.  We'll also tell you about an ACLU sponsored event about a recent court victory for them.  Kalamazoo Public Schools superintendent Michael Rice will also be talking with us about an exciting development with KPS.  I hope you'l listen on am590WKZO or 96.5 FM.

  • Big Bros Big Sisters

    Posted by Lori Moore

    If you've ever thought about mentoring a young person, Big Brothers/Big Sisters would love to see you Saturday at University Arena.  From 2:00 - 5:00 you can learn all about the wonders of making a difference in a child's life at the 2010 BIG RALLY. Volunteer Pat Sweeney told the WKZO listeners that there a many, many boys waiting to have a male figure in their lives.  Come on, men!  You'll discover that the time commitment is minimal and the pay-off is huge. 

  • Polish Tragedy

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The WKZO morning show was quite glum today.  We are a Polish group: Richard is Polish/Mexican, I'm Polish/Irish...and Tim Abramowski is Polish/Polish.  The plane crash story is so sad.

    On a happier note: It was great to see Phil Mickelson win his 3rd green jacket at The Masters.  It was a touching moment when he hugged his wife who has been battling breast cancer.  After all the tawdriness of the Tiger Woods story, it was nice to see love between two people.

  • Parade Saturday

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Downtown.  Saturday. 1:00.  BE THERE!

    If you're proud of the Kalamazoo Central Maroon Giants basketball team, show your enthusiasm Saturday on the downtown Kalamazoo mall.  The parade will feature not just the State Champions, but members of the LAST championship team from 59 years ago!  The Kalamazoo Central band will also be on hand after winning a silver medal in a marching band competition in Florida.  The parade will wind up in Bronson Park with a ceremony to honor the team.

  • Maroon Giants

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Calling all Maroon Giants fans!  Friday morning I'll be joined by Kalamazoo mayor Bobby Hopewell and Kalamazoo Central principal Von Washington, Jr. to talk about the parade on Saturday in honor of the Class A State Champion basketball team.

    We'll also tell you how you can make money by buying a house in Vine neighborhood. $$$

    That, and Pete Hoekstra Friday morning.

  • Mary Jo Kistler

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The Kalamazoo arts community will be gathering to honor the life and contributions of Mary Jo Kistler on Thursday.  Along with her husband Ted, Mary Jo co-founded the New Vic Theatre 33 years ago.  Mary Jo will be remembered as a talent, a business woman, a wonderful mother and a friend to many.


    Posted by Lori Moore

    This morning we spoke about the 3-phase, 2 year, $8 million dollar renovation to that theatre in the old Kalamazoo Central H.S.  I figured since the theatre has taken on new life, how bout we say the name correctly?

    In another edition of "How the HECK do you say it?" (King/Kings, ZILLMAN/ZYLMAN)we brought in our resident "Chenery" Linda Smith whose grandfather was Howard Chenery's brother.

    Okay, people...say it with me!  HARD CH (like choo choo or CHIA PET).  It's not SHennery like most people say it.  Let's honor the man by saying it correctly.  CH CH CH CHENERY!

  • Tiger Fever!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    It pained me to see Curtis Granderson in a Yankee uniform.  The minute I turned on the t.v. last night he was hitting a homer at his first up-to-bat for his new team.  But it was great talking to the "voice of Spring", Dan Dickerson this morning.  You can hear him this afternoon @ 3:50 on 590, 96.5 WKZO.  The home opener is this Friday. I think Johnny Damon and Magglio should both grow their hair out again.  Don't you?

  • It Only Took 29 Years...

    Posted by Lori Moore

    But I made my FM debut this morning on 96.5!  Henceforth, 590KZO will also be heard on 96.5.  I had the thrill of firing up my car in my Mattawan garage and being able to HEAR my station.  All you Tiger fans can hear the games late into the night, now.  It's awesome.  Yay.

  • The Show Must Go On 2

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Wishing a speedy recovery to local actor and playwright Arnie Johnston who had to be taken to the hospital during the intermission of opening night of The Kalamazoo Civic's "All My Sons".  In classic show biz tradition, the show will re-open Thursday night with actor Ron Centers playing his role.  Ron is no doubt running lines as we speak.  That's a trouper, there.  Wow.  Break a leg, dude.