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  • IDOL "Jumps the Shark"

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The ratings have been sinking.  We know Simon is leaving.  There's been a weird vibe all season but last night AMERICAN IDOL "jumped the shark":an idiom used to describe the moment of downturn for a previously successful enterprise.

    What happened to the heartwarming "homecoming" episode?  Standing in front of an AT&T with 30 people there does not a hero's welcome make.

    Ellen gave Crystal a song to sing from a man's perspective.  STRANGE.

    The judges crowned Lee the winner and we haven't even done the finale.  Are they as eager to be done with this season as we are?

  • I Bet the Ranch

    Posted by Lori Moore

    This morning I bet Captain Mike a nickel that Crystal Bowersox would win AMERICAN IDOL.  He's going with Lee DeWyze.  Ugh...I don't know.  Can someone that TOTALLY devoid of stage presence really win this thing?  Okay, so he started out "shy".  Whatever.  LIVEN IT UP, DUDE!

    So, I'm assuming that they'll be the final 2.  I think my dreamy Casey is going home this week.  He's real swell, but he seems to end up in the bottom 3 a lot.

    Would anyone care to bet on DANCING WITH THE STARS?  While the Pussycat Doll seems to be the obvious winner, I think the Olympic Gold Medalist is going to win. Kristy Yamaguchi and Apollo Anton Ohno have won in past seasons. And given that the voters sent Pamela Anderson home waaaaaaaay too early to be fair, I think the voters don't cotton to those ultra sexy gals.  Evan Lysacek it is.

  • Cool!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Now that's being creative!  Mattawan High School teamed up with 2 Paws Ford to raise money for the school's extra-curricular activities on Saturday.  Ford Motor Company pledged $20 to the school for every test drive taken up to $6,000.  Well, not only did they get their $6,000...but 65 EXTRA people turned out to test drive cars.  Since this is the most successful fundraiser of its kind, MHS will plead its case to Ford to get the extra loot.  Way to go!

  • 30 Years

    Posted by Lori Moore

    It's hard to believe that it has been 30 years since the devastating Kalamazoo tornado.  Thanks to all of our listeners and guests this morning who shared their harrowing experiences with us.  The way that our citizens pulled together in the aftermath is yet another reason that Kalamazoo is a great place to live.

  • The Lipstick Bomber

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I was pulled out of line at Detroit Metro Saturday.  As if I wasn't nervous enough about flying in 8,000 m.p.h. winds, Homeland Security formed a ring around my purse in the security line.  They all strapped on their gloves and started peppering me with questions about its contents.  After dumping everything out for all the world to see, one agent yelled, "I FOUND IT!"  They all held it up for examination and were sternly asking what this device was.  I calmly informed them that it was a Guerlain LIPSTICK.  And then I had to demonstrate how it worked since they couldn't figure it out. So the Times Square car-bomber almost makes a run for it to Pakistan, but I'm almost given a cavity search for having lipstick in my purse.  Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Beautiful!

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Congratulations to everyone who helped with the Pretty Lake Vacation Camp Tag Day fundraiser.  The goal was to raise $15,000 to send 30 kids to camp this summer. Mission accomplished and then some!  Executive Director, Mitch Wilson told us this morning that they've raised $18,000 and counting.  Awesome!  The camp is celebrating its 95th year!

  • A Day of Extremes

    Posted by Lori Moore

    After I was walking on cloud nine all day over the Kalamazoo Central news, my daughter tip-toed into my bedroom and whispered, "Mom.  Ernie died."  I didn't even need to ask, "Ernie who?"  Of course, it was Ernie Harwell the voice of the Tigers and the voice of my childhood.  What a classy guy.  I had the great pleasure of meeting him and interviewing him on a number of occasions.

    Tomorrow we'll be talking with Governor Jennifer Granholm about both stories at 6:45.

  • Parents Who Host...

    Posted by Lori Moore

    ...lose the most.

    That's the message of the Kalamazoo county Substance Abuse Task Force.  They want parents to know that it is NOT OK to host parties for teens where alcohol is served.  Take away the car keys?  Still NOT OK.  Let the kids spend the night.  NOT OK.  In addition to the legal ramifications, parents are subject to lawsuits should something tragic happen.  It's not worth it to try and be the "cool parents".

  • A Great Honor

    Posted by Lori Moore

    The highlight of my weekend will be receiving the 2010 Philip S. Denenfeld Award from the Southwestern Michigan ACLU Branch on Sunday.  It is presented to a "person who has particularly contributed to preserving civil liberties in Southwestern Michigan over the years."

    This is a GREAT honor.

    The ACLU is one of many organizations filing suits in the Arizona immigration law controversy.  We'll talk about that next week on the morning show.

  • The Gov on Oprah

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Cool!  Governor Jennifer Granholm is going to sign our new "No Texting While Driving" law on OPRAH tomorrow.  That's a cause that Oprah feels passionately about.

    I feel passionately about seeing Rielle Hunter on OPRAH today.  She's going to be on talking about the whole John Edwards affair.  She, of course, has a baby with the disgraced politician.  I'm thinkin' Oprah is quite sympathetic toward his wife Elizabeth and I hope she lets her have it.

  • A Tough One

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I just can't decide who is going home tonight on IDOL.  I'm hoping for Siobhan, but I'm thinking it's going to be Big Mike.  I'd hate to see that.  He's AWESOME, but he seems to be in the danger zone frequently. It could be Aaron.  I DO NOT see the appeal of Siobhan but she must have a lot of fans.  I love Crystal, but she's not a dazzling performer.  I love Lee's voice, but he's so DULL.  The contestant who "has it all" is Casey: the looks, the hair, the height, the dreaminess, the guitar skills , the great voice ....and stage presence too.  We shall see...

  • Dining Out For Life

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Join Richard Piet at Fieldstone Grill this Thursday for "Dining Out For Life".  Richard will be hosting that evening as Fieldstone contributes 25% of the night's proceeds to CARES.  Fieldstone is one of 22 area restaurants participating this year to help fight HIV-AIDS.  To get the complete list, go to and click our neck of the woods on the map of the U.S.