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  • House Call

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Thanks to Dr. Tom Willming who heard my plight this morning and came to the station with his medical kit to extricate the sliver the size of a small Ponderosa from under my fingernail.

    Unfortunately, I had already done the job with our engineer's toenail clippers, our news director's alchohol, and our sales associate's sewing kit needle.

    What does gangrene look like?

    Thanks, Dr. Willming!  It was like "Little House on the Prairie" or something.  I didn't know one could still get a house call.

  • Of Wild Boars & Swans

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I talked with a dude from the MI WILDLIFE CONSERVANCY today about an ivasive species problem.

    Purple Loostrife?  Zebra Mussels? Those gross Asian ladybugs?

    No, SWANS.  That's right.  SWANS.  Mute Swans to be precise.

    They were imported as a pair back in 1919 and put on Lake Charlevoix.  Those have since multiplied to over 15,000 in Michigan and are wreaking havoc with wetlands, native trumpter swans, loons, and humans.

    The DNR is seeking to irradicate them by hunting them.  They may employ help from the public issuing licenses.

    They realize they have a P.R. battle ahead.  As Patrick Rusz told us this morning, when the DNR goes after ugly, furry tusked wild boars we're all for it.  But swans?  They're so pretty!

    Did you know about this?  What do you think about this?  Listen to the full interview on The Diva Blog.

  • 2012 Relay for Life (Van Buren County)

    Posted by Lori Moore

    It was a great honor to kick off the SURVIVOR'S LAP at the 2012 Relay for Life in Paw Paw Saturday.

    35 teams raised $75,000 for The American Cancer Society in 24 hours at the event at Paw Paw Middle School.

    I almost started crying when I saw the t-shirt this year.  All the cancer survivors were given a purple shirt that said, "I AM HOPE".  Wow.  When you put it that way, it is a great thing when you're going through it to see those that have beat it.  I am so grateful.

  • Things that Blew My Mind Today

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Today I learned:

    - that the Kalamazoo River Oil Spill cost Enbridge $750 million to clean up.

    - that we have kids in Kalamazoo that go to summer school barefoot because they don't have shoes

    - that human trafficking occurs in the Kalamazoo area

    - that people who don't watch their kids at the beach are vile

    - that middle school aged children can be so mean

    On a lighter note...

    The victim of that cruelty now has a fund going with over $450,000 by outraged people all over the world.  There IS hope for humanity.

  • Ushering in Summer

    Posted by Lori Moore

    I think we hit 90 ONCE last summer.

    This year?  Summer hasn't officially arrived and 90's agogo.

    Let's do it up!  The Kalamazoo County Parks are offering FREE ADMISSION today with 3 different beaches to choose from.

    Join me today from 3-5 at Oakwood Summer Hop.  I can be found at The Oakwood Plaza in the shade somewhere near ice cream.

    Tomorrow, it's MAKE MUSIC KALAMAZOO -  FREE music all over downtown at outdoor and indoor venues.

    And you aren't hearing things.  IRISH FEST has been moved up to this weekend at Arcadia Creek Festival Site.

    And this is just the beginning of summer fun in the great community of KALAMAZOO!

  • No Means No Microphone

    Posted by Lori Moore


    It wasn't the word "vagina" that caused Representatives Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown to be prevented from expressing their feelings on proposed "Right to Life" penned legislation.

    Ari Adler, spokesman for Jace Bolger says it was Brown saying "no means no" which suggested that what they were doing amounted to rape and was offensive.


    3,000 women AND men showed up in Lansing yesterday for a very special presentation of "The Vagina Monologues" with their if you can't say it don't legislate it message.

    What a waste of time!  Now we're learning that it wasn't the vagina thing AFTER ALL!


  • You Stepped Out of a Dream

    Posted by Lori Moore

    For all my wonderful listeners who prayed for my brother Greg during his heart ordeal, here's a treat for you.  This is his performance on Governor's Island in New York this weekend.

  • Burning My Bra

    Posted by Lori Moore

    We've come a long way, baby.


    Yeah, right.

    In Richard Piet's 7:30 newscast we had the story about the Vagina Monlogue protest at the capitol tonight followed by a story about the coronation of the new Miss Michigan.

    Women banned from speaking on reproductive rights/beauty pageants.

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  I feel like clubbing someone over the head with a rolled up MS. MAGAZINE.

  • Gazelle Historic Walks

    Posted by Lori Moore

    We'll update you on Lynn Houghton's Gazelle Sports Historic Walks as they happen.  Here is the schedule for your planning convenience:

    Friday mornings, 8 am

    Date Tour Meet at
    June 1 East South St./John St.


    Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall


    June 15 Northside Neighborhood Lincoln Elementary, 
    912 N. Burdick St.
    July 6 Westnedge Hill new S. Westnedge and Inkster Ave.
    July 20 Edison Neighborhoodnew Washington Elementary, 1919 Portage St.
    August 3 Women in Kalamazoonew Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall
    August 17 Vine Historic District S. Westnedge Ave. and Vine St.
    September 7 Bronson Park/South St. Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall
    September 21 West Main Historic District Monroe St. and Grand Ave.
    October 5 Haymarket Historic District Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall
    October 19 Oakland Dr./Winchell Ave. Winchell Ave. and Aberdeen Dr.


    Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm

    Date Tour Meet at
    June 7 Downtown Hotels Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall
    June 21 Stuart Historic District Elm St. and W. Main St.
    July 12 Bronson Park Churches Gazelle Sports,
    214 S. Kalamazoo Mall
    July 26 Vine Historic District new Locust St. and Vine St.
    August 9 Kalamazoo State Hospital/East Campus Oakland Dr. and Oliver St.
    August 16 Riverside Cemetery Gull Rd. and Riverview Dr.

    Gazelle Sports Historic Walks are co-sponsored by the Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collections.

    Free! No registration required!

    Questions? Please contact:
    Barb Bratherton
    Or call Gazelle Sport

  • Rave Review

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Farmer's Alley Theatre director, Kathy Mulay tells me that they are adding performances for "The Light in the Piazza".


    Mulay described it as her "dream cast".  It was pretty dreamy for the audience, too.  A blend of Equity actors, U of M students, WMU students and local stars, the ensemble had me mesmerized from beginning to end.

    Beautifully staged, sung, and acted with an engrossing plot "The Light in the Piazza" is the show to see this summer.

    Get your tickets at

  • Emergency Gas & Groceries

    Posted by Lori Moore

    Gas prices have gone insane!

    HARDING'S to the rescue!  Join me for GAS & GROCERIES today 11-1 @ Harding's Howard Street.  We'll have a compilation of manly groceries from beef jerky to duct tape.

    Guess what they're worth.  Closest without going over wins it all.  We'll also have a drawing for a $50 gas card.